Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bishop Nehru - Nehruvia (Mixtape)

Well, It appears that throw back steez is really catching on. Which for us old heads, is a welcomed trend. Joey Bada$$ is really the poster child for the movement as of right now, you had to figure it would catch on at some point. Enter 16 year old NY spitter Bishop Nehru. Nehruvia really goes the same direction that Joey went, but really your not going to hear many complaints of saturation of this nostalgic style from me. For such a young kid, that has obviously done his home work on the 90's NY hip hop it is breath of fresh air to hear a new material that brings back those early memories to us older heads...& hopefully gets the younger heads to dig into the older releases.  

01.The Music (Intro) [Prod by Skipless] 
02.Light Leak$ [Prod by Ghost McGrady] 
03.Fickle Mind$ [Prod by Ghost McGrady] 
04.Lemon Grass [Prod by MF DOOM] 
05.Misruled Order feat. Que Hampton [Prod by Ghost McGrady] 
06.Y.E.T [Prod by Madlib] 
07.Languages (Freestyle) [Prod by DJ Premier] 
08.Moon & Stars feat. Raz Fresco [Prod by Raz Fresco] 
09.Her Ballad (Dymeclin) [Prod by Zone] 
10.S.S.S (Split Society Syndrome) [Prod by Bishop Nehru] 
11.SweetLips [Prod by J Dilla] 
12.Welcome feat. Que Hampton [Prod by J Dilla]  



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