Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hangover 2 (Extended Trailer)

In theaters this summer.

Elucid (of Lessondary) - Super Chocolate Black Simian

Elucid, of the legendary Lessondary crew, released his latest offering a few weeks ago, but here I am now just finding out about it from someone else who's just finding out about it. Im a big fan of what Lessondary does, even if Im unfamiliar with Elucid as a solo act. So we can discover the dopeness in this mixtape together...


01. No Standbys (prod. by 12th Planet)
02. Fuck the Dumb (prod. by 12th Planet)
03. Together (prod. by Breakage)
04. Dream On (prod. by Chasing Shadows)
05. Counteract (prod. by Sensei)
06. Pain Parade (prod. by Jamie Vex'd)
07. MEANR (prod. by El-P)
08. Braking For Zombies (prod. by Mexicans with Guns)
09. Brainwaver (prod. by Lorn/Samiyam)
10. Nigga (prod. by DVA)
11. Self Destruct (prod. by Leonard Dstroy)
12. Evol Ill (prod. by Skream)

H.O.P.E. - Believe In Hope Wright

HOPE is DOPE. so grab this one.


1. Mr. Wright (Produced By Axel Foley)
2. Killer f. Alex Isley (Produced by J.LBS)
3. Body On Me f. Jhené Aiko (Produced By K. Roosevelt)
4. I Do It (Produced By K. Roosevelt)
5. Stand Up f. Pac Div (Produced by J.LBS)
6. Say So f. Kevin Cossom (Produced By Hit-Boy of Surf Club)
7. Do Better Blues f. Jhené Aiko (Produced by J. Pounds)
8. Me&Her (Produced By K. Roosevelt)
9. My Cool (Produced By Hit-Boy of Surf Club)
10. Gotta Go f. K.Roosevelt (Produced By K. Roosevelt)
11. Piano Cover (Produced By Nujabes)
12. Bliss feat. Y-O (of U-N-I) (Produced By Ro Blvd)

Shawn Chrystopher - I Wear Glasses 3

Shawn Chrystopher is ok. You might like him more than me. So Im gonna let you come to your own conclusions, by downloading his new mixtape IWG3.


01. Yeah
02. Hello
03. Congratulations (feat T. Nelson)
04. 92.3 The Beat
05. So Stupid
06. When I Grow Up
07. Clouds (feat TL Cross)
08. Pass That
09. The Rain
10. Rick James
11. Jesus Piece
12. What Yo Name Is
13. Shawn Did It
14. The Verdict
15. When it Goes to Five
16. Bye

Hype Men Podcast #33 with rapper Donnis

The Hype Men were running a little behind schedule yesterday, and didnt get the podcast up until this morning. BUT HERE IT IS, with Atlanta rapper and 2010 XXL Freshman, Donnis.

EPISODE 33: Atlanta rapper Donnis joins the Hype Men to discuss serving as an airman in the Air Force + secretly recording in Tokyo + getting his verse bumped for 50 Cent + why he signed to Atlantic + competition and patience on the Freshman 10 list + what Mark McGrath and Gucci have in common + listening to beats on Timbaland’s bus + pornstars who squirt + more!

Download via RefinedHype
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Official Site:

Mateo - Love & Stadiums

Remember when I posted the "Dont Shoot Me Down" video, and you all fell in love with this guy's voice? And you were all super stoked for the new mixtape? WELL HERE IT IS!! Lets enjoy it together.


No seriously. Download this. Kid has some crazy talent.

01. Moment For Life (Intro)
02. Dont Shoot Me Down (ft. Ab-Liva & Goapele)
03. Runaway (ft. Gilbere Forte)
04. Doubt
05. Power (ft. Pusha T & Ab-Liva)
06. Pace Of My Heart (ft. Andra)
07. Get To Know Me
08. Right Through Me (Interlude)
09. In Your Arms Tonight
10. Ohh N Love
11. Paris
12. Empire State Of Mind Part 3
13. Say You Will (ft. Fashawn)
14. 3peat
15. A Milli
16. We Go Hard (ft. Kardinal Offishall)
17. Bad Romance

Childish Gambino - I Do Not Talk

He does not talk. He is just a rapper. This is not more new material, so dont go getting excited, MONK. This is a collection of older songs that kinda track Gambino(aka Donald Glover)'s career from the beginning up through the release of Culdesac last summer. It appears to be an unauthorized mixtape, but whatever...


Bonus: Childish Gambino - The Longest Text Message

Intuition - I Ruined These Songs For You Too

Intuition is back for round two of his "I RUINED THESE SONGS FOR YOU" series. Lots of band names I dont recognize this time around. But I can only imagine that this should be cool... Also, he and Dead Poet are BEST friends.


1) Jai Paul – BTSTU (feat. Intuition)
2) Icona Pop – Manners (feat. Intuition)
3) Phantogram – When I’m Small (feat. Intuition)
4) Sublime – Get Out (feat. Intuition)
5) Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer (feat. Intuition)
6) Javelin – Susie Cues (feat. Intuition)
7) Frank Ocean – Swim Good (feat. Intuition)
8) Jessica Lea Mayfield – Our Hearts Are Wrong (feat. Intuition)
9) The Strokes – Under The Cover Of Darkness (feat. Intuition)
10) Raphael Saadiq – Good Man (feat. Intuition)
11) Erykah Badu – Soldier (feat. Intuition)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blitz The Ambassador ft. Les Nubians - Dear Africa

I dont know who this Blitz guy is. But Ive always had a soft spot for Les Nubians. So I checked this out, and its pretty dope. So now you guys get to check it out.

Elzhi - Verbal Intercourse Part 2

Elzhi is awesome. And Im pretty sure nobody does schemes as well. So you should download this.

Elzhi's Elmatic will be out sometime before 2011 is over. Or so they say...

More Lasers Leftovers...

Lupe lets loose of some "free music" for his fans, and is kind of a dick about it...

He tweets: "for those who say i dont put out free music or question my love for my fans...take this as a peace offering or a STFU whatever fits you haha"
Either way... The above picture is from when Lupe and Kenna climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in early 2010 for MTV's Summit On The Summit, to promote awareness for getting clean water into Tanzania. So he has some leeway on the whole "being a dick" thing...

Lupe Fiasco ft. Kenna - What U Want

Lupe Fiasco ft. B.o.B. - Who Are You Now

Lee Bannon - Big Toy Box 2 ( Circus Cuts Delux)

It is my very humble opinion that Lee Bannon is one of the, if not the best producers out right now. This kid is bringing the art of the half beat chop back....(RIP DILLA). Big Toy Box 2 : Circus Cuts Delux is his third instrumental outing. I'm going to to go ahead and say put this right up there with Donuts & 14kt's Golden Hour, which to me, are the pinnacle of instrumental based albums. Go ahead and throw this on and let it play without skipping a track....that's how an instrumental album is done. Also check Bannon for Dummies for a crash course on the Sacramento based beatsmith.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nickelus F - School First, Liquor Later

Virginia native Nickelus F gears up to head out on tour through Virginia colleges next week with Phil Ade and Clipse, but in the meantime, he lets loose of a new joint promoting BRAINS before BOOZE.

ScienZe ft. Sene - Main Attraction (prod. by Blu)

Dope new song by ScienZe. Features the homie Sene. Produced by the other homie Blu, who has really stepped his production game up. The new ScienZe project, "Simply Aesthetic EP" is dropping soon...

Is it tuesday again, already? CLAV3...

Chillin Like A Villain Vol. 3

CLAV8 drops May 3rd

David Dallas ft. Freddie Gibbs - Caught In A Daze

Dope new joint from David Dallas and Gangsta Gibbs. Taken from Dallas' "The Rose Tint," which drops in late April.


Shad & Skratch Bastid - Give You All I Can

Fresh off his Juno win for Best Rap Recording, Shad links up with Skratch Bastid to show all of his fans a little love for all the support. In related news, Shad is a beast, and you should buy TSOL now.

Classy Hoes

Kanye West Beat CD from 2001...

If you frequent this blog, you know that I (kannon) am a fan of the Hype Men podcast, which is run by the Rosenthal brothers (from and Jensen Karp. During Jensen's stint as an Interscope rapper named Hot Karl, he was sent a few beat cd's by the then-just-emerging Kanye West. At the time Kanye was just a guy who had "worked with Beanie Sigel and was about to work with Ludacris." So Jensen gave the beat tapes a listen, and called Kanye to request some more work. Kanye played a few beats over the phone, and Hot Karl picked one out and jumped on it. That song became "Armand Assante," and is actually still available on iTunes as a single, along with "BLAO!" But the full (Interscope) Hot Karl album was shelved.

Ten years later, Jensen is cleaning out his garage, and he stumbles upon these old beat cd's. By request (of someone. Kanye?) the beat cd's are not available for download, but the good folks at have thrown the first one up for streaming purposes, so we can all still enjoy the early work of the man many have dubbed the greatest rapper of our time (meh). The second beat cd will be available for streaming next monday (April 4th).

Stream the Kanye beat cd @
Read the full story @ RefinedHype
And dont forget to check out the Hype Men Podcast every wednesday @

Kannon - Part One (Produced by Kno)

One of the perks of running your own blog, is that you can post whatever you want. And I want to post me. So here you go.

I was listening to the new CunninLynguists album and I couldnt help but to start jotting when I heard the "Embers" beat. This is the result. *awaits diss from Lil B*

Camp Lo & Pete Rock are... 80 Blocks From Tiffany's

Camp Lo links up with Pete Rock for a mixtape that, frankly, I cant wait to listen to.


Joe Budden ft. Emanny - Ayo

All Im gonna say is, this is exactly why Lil B dissed him...

Jets, FOOL x Cookin Soul - Jet Life To The Next Life

Spitta is one of the most underrated emcees doing it right now, in my opinion. That, plus the amazing production from Cookin' Soul is enough to make me look past the fact that Young Roddy and Trademark Da Skydiver are all over this project too...


And here's a new joint that Curren$y and Trademark just let loose this morning, called GT500

Fly.Union - Feels Good (Video)

There are few projects that Im looking forward to more than Fly.U's "The Greater Than Club," which should be dropping some time in April... But really... These kids are too dope. Especially Jerreau.

Wait, whats that? You're not convinced? Oh, okay...

Too dope. "The Greater Than Club" coming soon.

DJ Quik & The Los Angeles Leakers - The Audio Biography Of David

DJ Quik links up with the L.A. Leakers to bring you a quick mixtape to prepare you for his new album "The Book Of David," which drops 4.20.11. I've always been an advocate of Quik, so I couldnt NOT toss this out to you all... Enjoy.


Based God disses Joey??

I dont know the story behind this. It seems as though Lil B just thinks Joe Budden is too emotional with his music. Which I can kinda agree with, but in the same respect some of his best music has come from those emotional joints. Either way, Peep game as based god rips into Joey B... "T Shirts And Buddens"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Classy Hoes

Rihanna counts, right?

Anyways, Rihanna will be covering the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone. The cover is way less exciting than the picture above. And I'm pretty sure they've photoshopped those jeans... They just dont look real. Maybe Im crazy, you tell me. Click the pic for the full size.

Big K.R.I.T. - Returnof4Eva (2011)

1. Dreamin (clean version)
2. Dreamin (dirty version)
3. American Rapstar (clean version)
4. American Rapstar (dirty version)
5. R4 Intro
6. Rise and Shine
7. R4 Theme Song
8. Dreamin'
9. Rotation
10. My Sub
11. Sookie Now (feat. David Banner)
12. American Rapstar
13. Highs & Lows
14. Shake It (feat. Joi)
15. Made Alot (feat. BIg Sant)
16. Lions and Lambs
17. King's Blues
18. Time Machine (feat. Chamillionaire)
19. Get Right
20. Amtrak
21. Players Ballad (feat. Raheem Devaughn)
22. Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Ecouraging Racism
23. Free My Soul
24. The Vent
25. Country Shit (Remix) (feat. Ludacris & Bun B)

K.R.I.T. is back. The soulful producer/emcee returns with his long awaited follow up to K.R.I.T. wuz here.

Download Returnof4EVA

Raphael Saadiq ft. Intuition - Good Man (Remix)

Intuition is back to ruin another round of songs for you. The full project drops on Tuesday, so gear up. Intuition is pretty dope, but more importantly he's got a great ear for other music, so even if you dont like him, all the songs he ruins are good... If that makes sense...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ab-Soul - Gone Insane

1/4th of Black Hippy lets loose of his latest single, "Gone Insane" from his upcoming album "LongTerm: Memory," available on iTunes April 5th.

In other news; Kendrick > Schoolboy Q > Jay Rock > Ab-Soul... Just saying...

Mac Miller - On And On

Fresh off the release of "Best Day Ever," Mac Miller is already on to the next one. He's got a 6-track EP dropping on Tuesday (March 29th). Im assuming the EP is called On And On And Beyond? Who knows. But this song is pretty dope...

Teedra Moses Signs To Maybach Music Group

It's official... Rick Ross is putting together a label that Im actually watching for. On purpose. I mean, dont get me wrong, I enjoy Rick Ross from time to time, and when I inevitably stumble across something of his 3-4 months after its been released, I like it probably 8/10 times. But I dont usually go out of my way to check for Rozay... But I cant front. With Wale signing to MMG, and now Teedra? Im just excited for some more Teedra music.

Download Teedra Moses' newest mixtape from last month, "Royal Patience... A Love Journey" here

And did I mention that I would smash? between 20-24 times. a night.



Drake does a pretty great bit for the 2011 Juno Awards.

classy hoes

oh hey there....since your here, might as well check this out. This is the type of music that creates an alcoholic....vibe out with me.

Laundry Day 3.27.11

I've always found it funny that crate diggers will avoid talking about these albums...because they're "well known" or not that rare. They're popular for a reason people. They're beautifully put together from beginning to end. Today i'm about to start doing my laundry for the up coming week and I will be chilling with a 12 pack and jamming out to these. Hope you enjoy...

Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes 1972


Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On 1973


The New Birth - It's Been A Long Time 1974


Saturday, March 26, 2011

B.o.B. - No Future

Remember when you were over at and you heard Tyler The Creator say "I'll crash the airplane that that faggot nigga Bob was in/ and stab Bruno Mars in his COT damn esophagus." Well this may or may not be Bobby Ray's response. There's really no word either way. But Tyler has said that he doesnt think its a diss, and he even went as far as to call this dope. Which it is. So there's that...


LA spitter/activist should be a staple in your rotation. If he's not, your doing something wrong. Check out a few sample cuts, and go ahead and grab these albums. Thank me later. pz.
I Scream Bars for the Children


Exact Change

Exact Change Download

Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts Download

Bambu & DJ Muggs - Los-Angeles, Philippines

Los-Angeles, Philippines Download


Friday, March 25, 2011

Frank Ocean......Lonny Breaux

Hopefully most of you have had the chance to check out, ofwgkta representative Frank Ocean's - Nostalgia,Ultra album. If not do your self the favor and do so now.

Frank Ocean - Nosstalgia, Ultra Download

Before he was Frank Ocean, He was singer/songwriter Lonny Breaux. Here's a 40 track collection of songs that have been floating around the interwebz.

Lonny Breaux Download

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross - If I Die Today John

Wayne teams up with Rick Ross to let loose a new joint from The Carter IV. Not my favorite Wayne joint ever. But not terrible either. C4 drops May 16th. UPDATE: Apparently the official version of the song is called "John." I dont get it either.

Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross - If I Die Today - Milk-Crate.mp3

Hype Men Episode 32 with Julieanne Smolinski

EPISODE 32: Twitter genius Boobs Radley joins the Hype Men to discuss raunchy twitter DMs + horrible movies + rumors about Left-Eye Lopez + the Celebrity Herpes Game + why Alicia Keys makes Jensen cry + hooking up at a funeral + watching sex scenes with parents + celebrity paramours + more!

Download via RefinedHype | Subscribe via iTunes

The hype men are back... Cause its wednesday... And they post their podcasts on wednesday. sometimes additional mondays. Rumor has it, next monday they'll be listening to some of Kanye West's old beat tapes. From way back when Jensen was Hot Karl... Word. In the meantime, check out Episode 32 of The Hype Men

Classy Hoes... And Mateo, Goapele and Ab-Liva

Click the image for the full size... And now...
Mateo ft. Goapele & Ab-Liva - Dont Shoot Me Down


If you havent heard of Mateo, he's one of the illest new voices in R&B. Seriously, I'll wait right here while you get familiar. Go to google, type in "Mateo Underneath The Sky" and download all three chapters... Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled programming... Throw in Goapele, one of the illest lady voices in ever, and this shit is too smooth to not share. Ab-Liva is cool too. But he kinda gets forgotten about after his verse haha. Not in a bad way, but its true. Just like no one remembers that Jay-Z had a verse on Umbrella... But I digress... Mateo's new tape, "Love And Stadiums" is coming soon... And I cant wait...

Big K.R.I.T. - Dreamin' (Video)

All I'm saying is... There are some artists who will get more shine on this site than others. Because they are doper than the others. Who is Fred The Godson? Right? But I cant not bump a Big K.R.I.T. joint. So you get to enjoy the visuals from his new joint "Dreamin'."

ReturnOf4Eva drops March 28th... And KRIT will get another post on that day...

The Tens: 10 Emcees You Shouldnt Sleep On After SXSW 2011

As most of you music fans know, This past weekend, Austin, Texas once again was home to South By South-West. Although SXSW started out as a venue to show off new rock / punk / what-have-you acts, They started letting in a few white guy / hipster rappers a few years back, and slowly but surely hip hop has made its mark in the SXSW legacy. This year, The Tens put together a list of the 10 Hip Hop Acts (since there are a few groups) that you should STOP SLEEPING ON... They drop a little write up, and give a preview track for each artist/group. So peep game, and wise up.


Shout out to Black Hippy. And MONK, STEP YOUR GAME UP, Gambino made the list! hahaha

XXL 2011's Freshmen Class: The Mixtape

XXL brings up the 2nd installment of their Freshmen Mixtapes. I'm still wondering why we didnt get a mixtape during the year with Blu, Curren$y, Wale, Cory Gunz etc. But alas, there are a couple new joints from Kendrick, CyHi and KRIT, so I'll at least hang on to those ones... And Lil B is so hit an miss, who knows what crazy shit he's come up with this time around...


Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar, Lil B, Cyhi Da Prynce - XXL Freshman Cypher Pt. 1
YG, Mac Miller, Diggy Simmons, Lil Twist - XXL Freshman Cypher Pt. 2
Meek Mill, Big KRIT, Fred The Godson - XXL Freshman Cypher Pt. 3
Mac Miller - Futuristic Funk (Prod by Teddy Roxpin)
Kendrick Lamar - Outrageous
Big KRIT, Slim Thug - Now or Neva Remix
Big KRIT - Man on Fire
Fred The Godson - I'm Ready
Fred The Godson - What You Scared of
Meek Mill - I'm Not A Star
Meek Mill - Professional Money Getta
Cyhi Da Prynce - All A Dream
Kanye West Skit
Cyhi Da Prynce - Just Surviving
Lil B - Hood Changed (Prod by 9th Wonder)
Lil Twist - At the Moment (Prod by Lex Luger)
Yelawolf - XXL Freestyle
Yelawolf - Alabama Gotdamn
YG - I'm Good
YG - Police
Mac Miller - XXL Freestyle
Mac Miller - Bruce Wayne (Prod by Hannibal King)
Kendrick Lamar - XXL Freestyle
Kendrick Lamar - Don't Understand
Fred The Godson - XXL Freestyle

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kannon And Monk Present... Chillin Like A Villain Vol. 2

Another Tuesday is upon us, so we bring to you, another installment from the Chillin Like A Villain series. CLAV8 Coming May 3rd.

Pharoahe Monch ft. Styles P & Phonte - Black Hand Side

The great Pharoahe Monch is back with a new album. This is "Black Hand Side" featuring Styles P and Phonte Coleman. Too dope. It's been a long time since I went out of my way to go out and buy a new album, but I just got back from copping this one. And I suggest you do the same. Monch's "W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)" is in stores and on itunes now.

Download: Pharoahe Monch - Black Hand Side (ft. Styles P & Phonte) The-Milk-Crate.mp3

Buy W.A.R.: Amazon | iTunes

Wiz Khalifa ft. Curren$y - Rooftops

Wiz drops one more joint before the album comes out next Tuesday. I just listened to the album last night, and its probably a 6/10. I mean, there's some disgusting pop songs on it, but then there are these gems sprinkled in too. The Race is my shit, and I replayed this joint at least 3 times last night before moving on to the next track. Im just saying, Wiz seems to have that Quantity-Over-Quality syndrome, but when he's on, he's on. I dare you to walk away without this hook getting stuck in your head... Rolling Papers in stores March 29th.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dead Poet Presents - Chill Mix 5

Over the years I've tossed a few of these mixtapes together. Basically consisting of the shit that I like to vibe out to at any given time. So whatever method you use to get you in that chill mode, whether it be burning one or sippin on your drank...I suggest you do so while listening to this. Be easy.