Monday, September 26, 2011

BlakRoc2 - Will not be coming out anytime soon

"Blakroc 2 is not coming out soon, although somehow a trailer that was made two years ago without our permission and then recirculated without our permission,” he said. ”We have stuff recorded for it — about eight songs that I guess are done — but those were all recorded two years ago. So there are no plans for Blakroc 2 to be released as an album.”

Well that sucks. But at least we're getting closer to getting a new Black Keys album.

Freddie Gibbs ft. Freeway - Anything To Survive (Video)

produced by Beatnick & K. Salaam. Cold Day In Hell is coming when it comes. pause? shut up.

Gilbere Forte ft. Asher Roth & Bun B - Black Chukkas Remix

You know, I uploaded this joint to hulkshare like 4 days ago, and apparently I just completely forgot to post it up here... New joint from Gilbere along side Asher Roth and Bun B. Shit's cool. Sounds like something Cool Kids would rock... So for the Re-Remix, lets get Chuck and Mikey on here, eh!?

DOWNLOAD: Gilbere Forte ft. Asher Roth & Bun B - Black Chukkas Remix

Sunday, September 25, 2011

J. Cole - Daddy's Little Girl (Video)

With his debut album dropping in only 2 days, J. Cole lets go of some new visuals from the album, Cole World: The Sideline Story. I gotta admit, this song isnt my favorite. And Ive been hearing very mixed reviews about the album. But I'm waiting on all leaks to hear the album in its entirety on Tuesday, so I will make my own judgment then...

Mac Miller - Smile Back (Video)

Blue Slide Park coming soon.

DJ Flash Presents The Best Of Phonte (Mixtape)

This is the be all and end all Phonte mixtape. Including 70 tracks, tracking back over the past ten years, to bring you the quintessential Phonte listening experience... Now, I dont usually like these types of mixtapes, where its like a verse per track, but it's Tigallo. And he's awesome. So even I'm gonna download this one. But you a fool if you think i'm finna type out that tracklist. The brand new album, Charity Starts At Home, drops next tuesday. Dont forget to cop.

DOWNLOAD: Phonte - The Best Of Phonte

Saturday, September 24, 2011

DopeHead - Airbags (Video)

The Detroit City's own, DopeHead of the Bruiser Brigade...lets loose the visuals to Airbags.

DOPEHEAD - AIRBAGS official music video from Stedfast Media on Vimeo.

DJ Rhude Presents: Nas - The Found Tapes

It's been said that Nas unreleased vault rivals Pac's. Or so most of us have heard. Few months back Nas was planning on releasing a Lost Tapes II, and many of us were really fucking excited. Especially since the last Lost Tapes, was damn near better than any album he had put out in some time. His label didn't like the idea and have since shelved the release. There have been many unreleased joints floating around, littered with DJ Drops and shitty quality. Enter DJ Rhude, who has compiled some of the better quality unreleased tracks. A more than worthy consolation prize for those that are still impatiently awaiting the release of LT2.

Download: The Found Tapes

Lee Bannon - Fantastic Plastic (EP)

West Coast Juggernaut Lee Bannon, has put together a 7 track EP to show the direction he's going in. Check it out here.

Lee Bannon - Fantastic Plastic EP by Plug Research

Purchase: HERE

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big K.R.I.T. – Money On The Floor f. 8Ball & MJG, 2Chainz

K.R.I.T. and 8Ball & MJG? Oh HELL YES! Perfect collaboration, these cats needs to work with each other a lot more.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Dream - Long Gone (Video)

First set of visuals from The Dream (aka Terius Nash)'s latest offering 1977. If you dont have it yet, click down on "THE DREAM" in the tags section, and put in some work to find it. Its on here...

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Make The Money

This song is dope. These guys are from Seattle. They're touring soon. In other news, I hate Soundcloud, and I can never get their stupid songs to embed correctly. So just hit the link to stream the song from their soundcloud account. Theyre lucky I like this song, cause I almost just gave up and didnt post it... OH, also, Macklemore is one of the funniest looking rappers ever.

STREAM: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Make The Money

Timbaland ft. Pitbull & David Guetta - Pass At Me (Video)

Who knew Timbaland had Shock Value 3 on deck? I didnt... Either way, this song is pretty awful. So hit that mute button and enjoy all of the skinny white women in bikinis. You know, with a chorus like, "HEY GIRL. I LIKE WHAT YOU DOING. WITH ALL THAT BOOTY." You'd expect them to cast some women with more than those little chicken legs... In other news, I need this Culo book...

Al Lindstrom interviews Eric & Jeff Rosenthal of ItsTheReal

I enjoy these guys' work. So if youre like me, you might like a little of the backstory...

Freestyle Fellowship - Step 2 The Side

Self Jupiter, Mikah 9, Aceyalone and P.E.A.C.E. (collectively Freestyle Fellowship) are back at it, with their first new album in 10 years. And i'm excited. So you should be too. They are some of the pioneers of west coast underground hip hop... Word. The Promise drops October 18th.

Kay Cola ft. Skeme & Dubb - Home

I dont have a clue who this chick is. But I'll give you 1 guess why I gave the track a listen. On the bright side, the song was pretty awesome too.

EDIT: My apologies with the one. There seemed to be a problem during the upload of this song, and the file didnt get up correct. So I'm re-uppin this post with a working link below...

DOWNLOAD:Kay Cola ft. Skeme & Dubb - Home.mp3

Casual - Fiend Of Hip Hop (Video)

Casual's new video for the single from his latest offering, The Hierophant.

Eric Roberson ft. Phonte - Picture Perfect (Video)

We dropped the song in here a while back, and now the new joint from Eric Roberson and Phonte geta the visual treatment. #LOWBUDGET. Thats not a shot. Its the name of the crew. Get your mind right...

Sir Michael Rocks - I Can't Go

The half of the Cool Kids that seems to be putting out all the solo work drops a new joint from his upcoming project, Premier Politics, dropping September 30th.

DOWNLOAD: Sir Michael Rocks - I Cant Go.mp3

Wale ft. Rick Ross & Kevin Cossom - Best Night Ever

I can finally say with no hesitation that I thoroughly enjoy this Wale joint. He's been a little hit/miss lately. But this one is super illy... Ambition 11.1.11

DOWNLOAD: Wale ft. Rick Ross & Kevin Cossom - Best Night Ever.mp3

Get Up On This with Jensen Karp: Episode 8 with Pete Wentz

Sep 20, 2011 - Fall Out Boy and Black Cards bassist Pete Wentz joins Jensen to talk about his new musical endeavors, the Star Wars Blu-Ray controversy, Lana Del Ray's authenticity, Drive, Ryan Gosling's NY street fight, fashion tips, and how we're late on matte black cars and Friday Night Lights, and many other things you'll need to know about.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Dark Side of The Oz

A little change of pace here at the crate. I'm sure most of you had a pot head buddy that would tell tales of being able to sync up Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz movie. I think I remember in my late teens attempting to do this, but could never get the timing right. Well here's the whole thing.

The Dark Side of Oz from Bryan Pugh on Vimeo.

Z-Ro ft. Bun B - Ro & Bun

Z-Ro's brand new album, Meth, is in stores today. Dont forget to cop and support. He's always been one of my favorite artists coming out of the south... Here's a new joint with Bun B, which was creatively titled, "Ro & Bun."

DOWNLOAD: Z-Ro ft. Bun B - Ro & Bun.mp3

Yelawolf ft. Lil Jon - Hard White (Up In The Club) (Video)

Visuals for the first single off of Yelawolf's Shady Records debut, Radioactive. Which was recently pushed back from September 27th, so who knows when it'll be out now.

Araab Muzik - Electronic Dream (Instrumental Album)

I am admittedly a little late on this one, but I was just recently put up on this. I guess this guy has done a bunch of production work for Dipset and Soulja Boy. But this is his debut collection of instrumental work. It's a little "dancey," but its still got a lot of hip hop elements in it. I kinda dig it. Some tracks more than others, but still, its pretty dope. So check out a sample below, or just take your chances on the whole project, and if you enjoy what you hear, hit iTunes and support...

DOWNLOAD: Araab Muzik - AT2.mp3

DOWNLOAD: Araab Muzik - Electronic Dream (Album)
PURCHASE: Araab Muzik - Electronic Dream (Album)

Casey Veggies ft. C-San, Dom Kennedy & Kendrick Lamar - Ridin Roun Town Remix

Mr. Veggies just dropped his re-release of Sleeping In Class at midnight, which was like 40 minutes ago here. So here goes one more new joint to convince you to go buy the album. This one is a remix of a song on the original mixtape release, but this time features extra verses from Dom Kennedy and Kendrick Lamar. And some other guy I dont know. So give this a listen, and then be like "AWE SHIT SON, IM GONNA GO BUY THIS." And then head on over to iTunes and pick up Casey Veggies's full album, Sleeping In Class.

DOWNLOAD: Casey Veggies ft. C-San, Dom Kennedy & Kendrick Lamar - Ridin Roun Town Remix.mp3

PURCHASE ALBUM: Casey Veggies - Sleeping In Class

Gerald Walker - The Other Half Of Letting Go (Mixtape)

After a handful of leaks, Gerald Walker hits us with his new project, The Other Half Of Letting Go. I've been waiting patiently for this one... (See what I did there?)

DOWNLOAD: Gerald Walker - The Other Half Of Letting Go

01. Entrance [prod. Hans Zimmer]
02. It’s All Real [prod. Cardo]
03. It’s Not a Coincidence (ft. Bryant Stewart) [prod. The Rothschilds]
04. Please, Shut the F*ck Up! [prod. Bravestarr]
05. Shackles [prod. J. LBS]
06. The Missing Piece… [prod. Chemist]
07. The Things We Think and Do Not Say… [prod. B.Keith & Izzy The Kidd]
08. Recluse [prod. RMB Justize]
09. What’s So Different [prod. Timbaland]
10. Ran That Scam [prod. Bravestarr]
11. Living Well Is the Best Form of Revenge…[prod. Kuddie Fresh]
12. Take This to Your Heart (ft. Jack Freeman) [prod. Kuddie Fresh]
13. What Made Milwaukee Famous… [prod. Sledgren]

K. Sparks - Diagnosis: Success (Mixtape)

After a handful of leaks, K. Sparks hits us with his brand new project, Diagnosis: Success. I've been patiently waiting on this one...

DOWNLOAD: K. Sparks - Diagnosis: Success

01. The Show Starts [prod. Moe Productions]
02. Conundrum (ft. Angelous) [prod. Moe Productions]
03. Cashmere Flow [prod. Moe Productions]
04. Chi City 2 Queens (ft. ADD-2) [prod. Kurser]
05. Special (ft. Tina Quallo) [prod. Kurser]
06. Purple Clouds (ft. JAYVINE) [prod. Moe Productions]
07. Gold Chain (ft Angelous) [prod. Marvel]
08. Slow Motion [prod. Moe Productions]
09. Fuego (ft. Lorria) [prod. Kurser]
10. Rain (ft. Laetitia Dana) [prod. Kurser]
11. Apple Jacks (ft. Jarren Benton) [prod. Moe Productions]
12. Success [prod. Slick-Beatz]
13. Senorita (ft. JAYVINE) [prod. Kurser]
14. Testify (ft. Charmingly Ghetto) [prod. JC_BeaTzZ]
15. X-Ray [prod. Navie D.]
16. Over [prod. Kurser]
17. The Show Starts (Remix) (ft. Rapsody & Laws) [prod. Moe Productions]

Monday, September 19, 2011

Locksmith - Breaking Point (video)

This was the bonus track off of Lock's I Am Lock Mixtape, that he just put out. He's got a joint project with Ski Beatz, entitled Embedded, which is due out Nov 15th.

Kida - Lee Majors

New heat from Kida, produced by Focus... who seems to never miss. This is dope.

Childish Gambino - Bonfire

With season 3 of Community starting this week (i'm fucking pumped) Don Glover, or as some of you may know him by, Childish Gambino decided to put out a new single off his Camp album, which is due out November 15th. I kind of hate myself for liking this.

DTMD - Makin' Dollas (Album)

The Baltimore based Poducer/Emcee duo, that is DTMD are gearing up to drop their full length LP, Makin' Dollas, on the Mello Music Group. It Features heavy hitters; yU, Kev Brown, and Oddisee. The album comes out tomorrow but, before it's put out they'd like for everyone to get the opportunity to hear it before its actually out. Let me just say, This album is pretty fucking amazing! Mello Music Group is quickly becoming the premier label that I stay checking for. The quality product they continue to put out is top notch. This project is no exception. I've been saying on here that, Apollo Brown and Hassaan Mackey's - Daily Bread album has been my favorite album this year. As of right now, I must say I think I've enjoyed This LP more. Be sure to check the album out. You won't regret it.

Pre Order Album: ITunes

Here goes' their EP, The Basics.

Download: The Basic EP

Phonte - The Good Fight

One more new joint from Phonte. I'm super pumped for this album. September 27th is going to be a good day for hip hop. The quality of this one sounds kinda meh, and it skips a couple times. I was thinking about fixing the skips, but whatever, just go buy the album Charity Starts At Home when it drops September 27th. Oh, and this one is produced by 9th, who is said to have handled a majority of the album. And I'd tell you to go pre-order it, but the pre-orders are already sold out...

DOWNLOAD: Phonte - The Good Fight.mp3

ASAP Rocky - Trilla x Back To The Future

Two new joints from ASAP Rocky. I wonder if he knows who Aesop Rock is. Either way, I wasnt super into that song "Purple Swag," but these two joints are both kinda awesome. The first one up is "Trilla" which features ASAP Twelvy and ASAP Nast. Apparently there is a whole group of em. And the second one is called "Back To The Future." Kid's from New York too. Just so you know. Anyways... Here you go...

DOWNLOAD: ASAP Rocky ft. ASAP Twelvy & ASAP Nast - Trilla.mp3

DOWNLOAD: ASAP Rocky - Back To The Future.mp3

Voli - In The Meanwhile (The Showcase) (Mixtape)

This is J. Cole's buddy, right? I thought so. New project compiled of the random songs he's had a hand in over the past year or so. He's got another project of all brand new material coming soon, entitled, The Waill.

DOWNLOAD: Voli - In The Meanwhile (The Showcase)

01. Intro (A Life Worth Living)
02. Stress [prod. Voli]
03. Pity (ft. J. Cole & Omen) [prod. Voli]
04. Fade Away [prod. Voli]
05. Here [prod. Voli]
06. New Religion (ft. SYOR) [prod. Voli]
07. Autumn Air [prod. Voli]
08. Look Up [prod. Voli/Omen]
09. The Righteous Remain [prod. SMKA]
10. Anytime He Goes Away [prod. Voli]
11. Darkside (ft. D1) [prod. D1]
12. Prisoner [prod. Voli]
13. Sin City [prod. Voli]
14. The Interview
15. Outro (Resumé) [prod. Voli/Gavidia]
16. Storm [prod. Voli]
17. Redemption [prod. Voli]
18. Midnight [prod. J. Cole]
19. For the Fam [prod. Voli]

Casey Veggies - I Be Over Shit (Video)

Track 16 from Casey's upcoming Sleeping In Class: Deluxe Edition.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Get Up On This with Jensen Karp: Episode 07 with Chad Gilbert

I just remembered that I forgot this.

Sep 13, 2011 - New Found Glory guitarist and pop culture enthusiast Chad Gilbert joins Jensen to talk about his band, 80's toys, pop punk, and its exaggerated death, cover songs, doing podcasts naked, defending wrestling, CM Punk, Back to the Future II, the Nike Mags, Araabmuzik, Adventure Time, how we're not too busy to go to Toys R Us, Drive, The Raid, Exquire, WWE OMG DVD, how we're late on Breaking Bad and Family Guy and many other things you'll need to know about.

DOWNLOAD via SMODCAST (Right Click + Save As)
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Ryshon Jones - Friday (EP)

From the man who brought you The Weeknd sampled "Zoe Desire(e)," comes a brand new mixtape entitled, yadirF, or I guess, Friday. I'm assuming the title is derived from The Weeknd's Thusday mixtape, as this one features a Weeknd sample on every song. Im gonna check this out now. Join me.

DOWNLOAD: Ryshon Jones - Friday

01. Missed Call (Skit)
02. käntre'dikt(e)rē
03. Best Friend (Skit)
04. Late Night With My Best Friend
05. Best Friend 2 (Skit)
06. Desperado
07. Best Friend 3 (Skit)
08. Dead Living In My Head
09. Zoe Desire(e)
10. Loner (by Amanda Love)

Friday, September 16, 2011

C Plus - All C.I.T.Y. (Video)

C Plus drops a video for one of my favorite joints of his, and the title track for his latest album. Also, if you havent heard/downloaded the album yet, youre doing yourself a disservice. This kid is crazy dope. And in honor of his birthday (which is today), he's re-releasing the album with some new artwork, for free! So check it out nowwwwwwww. And if you would still like to support, the album is up on iTunes. Free link below...

DOWNLOAD: C Plus - All C.I.T.Y. (Album)

Myka 9 ft. Aceyalone, Casual, Sunspot Jonz & Kirby Dominant - Oh Yeah... Alright

Mikah (or Myka) 9 drops a new joint from his upcoming album, Mykology, which will be out October 3rd. Myka still has one of my favorite albums ever with Citrus Sessions Vol. 1. And if this new Myka album isnt enough for you, Freestyle Fellowship has a reunion album coming out later this year as well! The Promise drops October 18th.

DOWNLOAD: Myka 9 - Oh Yeah Alright.mp3

Also, Last year Myka dropped this video entitled, "I Must Cross," which should be on the upcoming album as well..

Gerald Walker - It's All Real

One more joint from Gerald Walker before his tape, The Other Half Of Letting Go, drops next tuesday. I dont care about the haters, I dig his steelo. His last project with Cardo was dope too, so I'm excited for this coming one...

DOWNLOAD: Gerald Walker - It's All Real.mp3

Diggy Simmons - Just Begun

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thats the diggy I remember... Ugh, But the kid has bars. I cant front, I'm kinda excited for his upcoming album...

DOWNLOAD: Diggy Simmons - Just Begun.mp3

Mac Miller - Face The Facts (prod. by DJ Premier)

Mac Miller is living out a lot of people's dreams with this one. Jumping on a DJ Primo track for his upcoming mixtape, '92 Til Infinity, which will precede his album, Blue Slide Park, which drops November 1st.

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller - Face The Facts.mp3

Statik Selektah Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Freddie Gibbs – Play The Game

Statik Selektah, brings together Freddie Gibbs and Big K.R.I.T. on this single off of Statik's Population Control, which will be out October 25th.

Nacho Picasso x Blue Sky Black Death x Raised by Wolves - For the Glory(Album)

Seattle's Nacho Picasso, links up with production juggernauts, Blue Sky Black Death, Raised By Wolves, & Eric G of 9th Wonder's Soul Council, to release a 13 track epic....for FREE.

Download: Bandcamp

Qwazaar & Batsauce - Bat Meets Blaine

About two months ago, Qwazaar & Batsauce released a dope EP entitled Style Be The King. Not wasting anytime, the Emcee/Producer duo almost immediately drop another full length LP. I got home from work last night and saw that this was waiting for me. I let it play two times through through out the day. Must say this album is pretty fucking awesome. Other than his work with Qwa, i'm not too familiar with Batsauce...but he's production compliments Qwa's silk delivery perfectly.

Purchase: Physical | Digital

Qwazaar & Batsauce 'Bat Meets Blaine' Album Snip by qwazaar

Young Bleed - How We Do Dat AGAIN (ft Tech N9NE & Brotha Lynch)

If you follow the blog, you probably know that Young Bleed is one of my favorite artist from the mid to late 90's. He dropped two of my all time favorite albums; My Balls and My Word & My Own. His most successful single from that period without a doubt was How You Do Dat. As the millennium arrived, he slowly fizzled out. But, he's recently signed with Tech N9NE's Strange Music and is set to drop a new album October 11th, entitled Preserved. Here's to hoping for the best! Would be even more excited if the album had some production from Happy Perez.

The Check In: Slaughterhouse

Get More: MTV Shows

Jeff and Eric of ItsTheReal and HypeMen fame, interview the Slaughterhouse Machine... And its awesome.

Frank Ocean - Swim Good (Video)

Frank Ocean's second single from Nostalgia, ULTRA gets the visual treatment. I'm still waiting for those OF guys to release this album in stores.

Zumbi (of Zion I) - Versus (Mixtape)

The rhyming half of Zion I drops a new mixtape right after Amp Live dropped off his new EP. In other news, I'm pretty sure Zion I is one of the most consistent hip hop acts of all time. Just my 2 pennies. Enjoy this new tape. I know I will...

DOWNLOAD: Zumbi - Versus

David Banner - Swag (Video)

The first single from David Banner's upcoming, The Make Believe Album, gets a video.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse - Body & Soul (Video)

In celebration of the late Amy Winehouse's would-have-been 28th birthday, Tony released the visuals for their duet yesterday. All proceeds from the singles sale will go to The Amy Winehouse Foundation. Rest In Peace Amy...

PURCHASE: Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse - Body & Soul

J. Cole ft. Trey Songz - Cant Get Enough (Video)

Cole and Songz headed out to Barbados to film the latest video from Cole World. The video has a cameo from Rihanna which probably isnt helping the sex tape rumors... Anyways, Cole World: The Sideline Story will be in stores September 27th...

Co$$ - Green Grass Blue Sky

Co$$'s next project Instrument Of Emotion will be out later this year, and this is the first offering. Produced by Really Nathan of The Late Bloomers.

DOWNLOAD: Co$$ - Green Grass Blue Sky

ScienZe - September

Brooklyn emcee ScienZe is putting the finishing touches on his next project entitled, When Skies Fall, which will be released November 14th. This song is his first offering from that project...

DOWNLOAD: ScienZe - September.mp3

C Plus ft. Chuuwee & Illecism - Checkmate

Chuuwee merks this joint. New one from the Sacramento emcee C Plus's re-release of ALL CITY which drops this friday...

DOWNLOAD: C Plus ft. Chuuwee & Illecism - Checkmate

Bambu & Sabzi - Box'd Up

Not my favorite Bambu song, and not my favorite Sabzi production... But none the less, here is a new joint from the LA lyricist Bambu, over Seattle's own Sabzi's beat. It's ok... Their collaborative album Inglewood Humperdink is on its way...

DOWNLOAD: Bambu & Sabzi - Box'd Up

Icebird - Going And Going And Going

I posted up this song when it first came out, and now RJD2 & Aaron Livingston bring us the video. The Abandoned Lullaby will be out October 11th.

Neako - LVL YSL

After a handful of new joints to get us ready, Neako drops the official first single from his upcoming tape, The Number 23, dropping "any day now"... I hate it when rappers try to be cryptic with their release dates...


Asher Roth ft. Akon - Last Man Standing (Video)

Asher's new album, Is This Too Orange? is coming soon...

Young Gliss ft. Dice Raw & Young Chris - I Had To Go Away (Remix)

Some random guy grabs the illest Roots affiliate and Young Chris for a remix to his song, "I Had To Go Away." The original version of this song appeared on Gliss' latest mixtape, Dealing With The Pressure 2.

DOWNLOAD: Young Gliss ft. Dice Raw & Young Chris - I Had To Go Away (Remix)

Gilbere Forte - Some Dreams Never Sleep (Trailer)

Gilbere Forte readies his new EP Some Dreams Never Sleep for a September 27th release. This Trailer/Video is to get us ready and excited for the upcoming release. The song features in the video is "Hello" by Gilbere featuring The Kickdrums.

Curren$y - N.O. Shit

After going on a tangent and releasing like 3 different projects, Spitta finally goes back to putting the finishing touches on Muscle Car Chronicles. This album will be in stores (hopefully) before the year is out, and will also come with a DVD.

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y - N.O. Shit

Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000 - Dedication To My Ex (Video)

I still dont quite understand what the point of involving Wayne in this song was... But none the less, enjoy the latest video from Lloyd's album, King Of Hearts, which is in stores now.

Casey Veggies - Swag Worth A Mill

One of the illest (and youngest) new emcees in the game, Casey Veggies, who just graduated High School last May, is prepping the release of his Deluxe Edition of Sleeping In Class, which drops September 20th. In the meantime, he's touring with "Mac Miller and his white fans," This one is just to remind you that he's still grinding...

DOWNLOAD: Casey Veggies - Swag Worth A Mill

Lights ft. Holy F*ck & Shad - Everybody Breaks A Glass

Canadian synth-pop songstress Lights links up with fellow Canadian emcee Shad and indie band Holy Fuck for her latest offering from her upcoming album, Siberia, out October 4th.

DOWNLOAD: Lights ft. Holy Fuck & Shad - Everybody Breaks A Glass

BJ The Chicago Kid - The Life Of Love's Cupid EP

You ever just feel like the universe is working with you? I was bumping "Kush & Corinthians" this morning and thinking to myself, "HEY SELF. I wonder if BJ The Chicago Kid has a mixtape or album or some collection of music that I could download, because this kid is dope." And it just crossed my mind again that I wanted to look. So I took to google, and find this BRAND NEW EP that just dropped this past Friday. It's like the world wanted me to listen to this...

DOWNLOAD: BJ The Chicago Kid - The Life Of Love's Cupid EP

01. Intro #KillEverythingMovin
02. Electric Feel
03. Feel Like Making Love
04. How Does It Feel
05. Can You Stand The Rain
06. Heartless
07. 2wice
08. I Wanna Know
09. Party
10. It’s A Mans World

MnkeyWrench - Man Down x Lights Out (Videos)

Two new videos from Jay Swifa & Iye of Fly.Union, who collectively make the duo MnkeyWrench. Download Until Forever now. #TGTC

TiRon & Ayomari - A Sucker For Pumps (Album)

Both of these guys are pretty talented emcees, and when they come together they seem to bring out the best in each other. This one isnt free, but you can still stream it in its entirety before deciding if its worth your $8 (suck it up).

PURCHASE: TiRon & Ayomari - A Sucker For Pumps