Saturday, March 31, 2012

Makeshift - On Purpose (Mixtape)

King Choosey had one of the better albums out last year. And now he lets go a new mixtape over some well known jingles. Heat.

Download: On Purpose

Nacho Piccaso & Blue Sky Black Death - Stairing at the Sun (Video)

& another one off of Lord of the Fly.

KD - Party (Video)

KD stays dropping more singles off of last years G Fluid , which some of you may remember me declaring it one of the best albums out last year. Now here goes another quick video for another track of said album. Also his next project Crown Me now as a date, May 1st.

Stalley - Savage Journey To The American Dream (Mixtape)

Why hello there. It's been a while since Ive posted here, but I had a smidgen of a computer blowing up problem. Everything is gravy train now, and im back to catch you up on some of the highlights from the past two and a half weeks.. Starting with this brand new tape from Maybach Music's Stalley.

DOWNLOAD: Stalley - Savage Journey To The American Dream

01. Savage Journey
02. Petrin Hill Peonies
03. Route 21
04. Hammers & Vogues (ft. Curren$y)
05. Lover's Lane (ft. Anthony Flammia)
06. Home To You (ft. Wale & Anthony Flammia)
07. Island Hopping (ft. Avriel Epps)
08. Cold
09. Everything New
10. Seen It All
11. Hell's Angels (American Heathens) (ft. Rick Ross)
12. Live At Blossom
13. BCGMMG Remix (ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill)
14. Party Heart (ft. Rick Ross & 2Chainz)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Good Pussy In Chicago (f. Goldie Glo)

The first track we get since eXquire signed to Universal Records shows us that he ain't changing for shit.

Chuuwee – The Crown Don’t Make You King f. DJ Next (prod. Audible Doctor)

Chuuwee drops some aggressive heat that is just a glimpse into what Crown me King (April 24th) is sure to bring.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gunplay - Bitches ain't Shit Freestyle (Video)

Gunplay, in my eyes is the best emcee on the MMG roster. Yea I said it. Dude is quietly starting to prove that even with the backing that sent Pills packing...

Wax Poetics 10 year anniversary Mix

Wax Poetics is celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary and in doing so FA decided to put out this pretty awesome mix.

Prince and the Revolution “Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive)” (Warner Bros.)
The Time “777-9311 (propsEdit)”
Blood Orange “Champagne Coast (Krystal Klear Remix)” (Domino)
Jesse Johnson “Be Your Man (Specially Remixed Version)” (A&M)
Andre Cymone “Kelly’s Eyes” (CBS)
Larry Graham “There’s Something About You” (Warner Bros.)
94 East “If You Feel Like Dancin’” (Hot Pink)
Toro y Moi “Saturday Love” (Carpark)
Madhouse “Fifteen” (Warner Bros.)
The Family “Screams of Passion (Extended Version)” (Warner Bros.)
DJ Quik “Do Today (featuring Jon B. and BlaKKazz K.K.)” (Mad Science)
?uestlove, The Foreign Exchange, Zo!, and Carlitta Durand “Purple Flip”
Prince “Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me”
Frank Ocean “Songs for Women”
Prince and the Revolution “I Would Die 4 U/Baby I’m A Star (Live, Landover, MD, 1984)”
Frank Ocean “Voodoo”

Young Scolla meets SMKA - Seconds Away (Album)

Motown based emcee Young Scolla links up with Atlanta based production team, SMKA to drop Seconds Away, an album that was funded by donations from the fans. SMKA continues impress with fluid grooves. The surprise here (at least to me) is the continuity that Scolla brings the project. These dudes just work well together.

Purchase: Itunes| Bandcamp

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lee Fields - Sunny (Live Video)

Lee Fields - Sunny from JazzReggae Festival on Vimeo.

It seems like whenever Lee Fields and co. decide to cover a track it is pretty damn awesome. This is no exception. If you haven't had time to check out Faithful Man you should do so.

Big K.R.I.T. - I Got This

Say woooord? K.R.I.T. continues to impress. Dudes instrumentation continues to get better and better. Live from the Underground is still on the way.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Earl Sweatshirt reunites with OFWGKTA

Since he's been back, spotting Earl has become a where's waldo type of gig. Last week the Odd Future crew put out their Second tape. On it was this track called Oldie, which was hands down the best song on the album. It's a ten and a half minute posse cut, with a beat that is straight HEAT. At about the seven minute mark SHIT GETS REAL.

Pill - 4 Life (video)

PILL "4 Life" feat. DJ Holiday (Viral Video) from PIDoubleL on Vimeo.

New Visuals from Pill, off The Epidemic .

J’Lynn ft. Kendrick Lamar “Mona Lisa” (Produced by Dashius Clay)

What an unfortunate name for a up and coming NY emcee...Any ways J'Lynn links up with Left Coast spitter Kendrick Lamar. Dashius Clay on the beat. Pretty solid.

David Banner - Believe(ft Big K.R.I.T.)

David Banner is gearing up to release Sex, Drugs & Video Games on May 22nd. Anticipation is quickly increasing, especially when he's putting out single like this one, which features fellow Mississippi spitter K.R.I.T.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Clear Soul Forces - Detroit Revolution​(​s) (Album)

I'm new to this Motown Crew, what made me originally check this out was seeing my homie from the Ox, Kankick doing a handful of production on this. Turned out to be a pretty good project.

Static Major & Smoke - If U Scared, Say U Scared (Video)

Just came across this. Recognize that sample? Chase N Cashe did some justice to this with that Drake sample.

KD & B Flat Trax - Be Alone (the making of)

The boy KD is back! Well he never really went anywhere. But He's been kind of quite lately. But this is pretty fucking smooth. KD and B Flat Trax live in the studio creating from scratch.

Killer Mike & EL P - Untitled (ft Scar)

This song originally was semi released last year. It was our first taste of what was to come from the pairing of El Producto and Killer Mike. Back then it only came out with the first verse (which I feel is one of the best from all of 2011), but now it's been put out in full form. That makes two full songs that have seen the light of day from this R.A.P. project, and both have been fucking epic. May 15h needs to hurry up and get here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nacho Piccaso & Blue Sky Black Death - Rammin' (Video)

The Seattle spitter and the production juggernaut BSBD release yet another video. In keeping with the tradition, it's dope.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rittz - White Jesus: Revival (Album)

Last year the Slummerican spitter, Rittz dropped White Jesus, an awesome album, that somehow went completely under the radar. They've decided to give it a second go, re releasing it with 8 songs from the original and 9 new ones. Lets hope this time folks don't sleep on it.

Download: White Jesus: Revival

Cage - Super Baked (prod by FASTLANE)

Oh look, Cage Kennylz has returned. No, not cage, cage kennylz! The movies for blind cage. The Weather Man spitter. Yea that one. This isn't necessarily that awesome of a track, but it's still great to hear that cage can still do this.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

EL P - The Full Retard

EL Producto lets loose the first peak into Cancer for Cure which now has a release date, May 22nd.

Killer Mike & EL P - Listening Party in ATL

My personal, most anticipated album of the year, some how just got even more hyped up. 10:34.May 15th can't come soon enough!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Co$$ - Insanely Free

Some dope new Co$$ here. This one is due off his Insomnia project which should be out this summer. HEAT.

Open Mike Eagle - Nightmares III (ft Illogic & MarQ Spekt)

The homie Open Mike Eagle drops a remix to last years, awesome single, Nightmares with an assist from Illogic & MarQ Spekt.

iNDEED – iNDEED EP (+Video)

iNDEED - Bl4ck T34rs from Tamarcus Brown on Vimeo.

If you frequent this blog, you've probably heard my tired rant ,trying to get anyone that is willing to hear me out, about how fucking awesome DJ Burn One is. Also, I'm sure you've seen me talking about the mystique that lies within the walls of the 5 Points Music Group studio. iNDEED is Burn One's band and from what little we've had the opportunity to hear, the potential sounds OFF THE CHARTS. Now they've decided to let loose an EP showing that praise we've all piled on, is completely just.

Enter the headquarters of 5 Points Music Group, a cozy house tucked away in the middle of Atlanta, and you’re greeted with sounds of all kinds bouncing through the place. In one room, you hear jazz keys playing over a mellow drum loop. In the next room, psych-rock guitars and… gospel vocals? The atmosphere is laid back, hazy, and pleasantly disorienting. The occupants are the members of iNDEED: Frontment Walt Live and Ricky Fontaine, as well as the Professor and DJ Burn One. All of these guys are specialists in one area or another, but freely flow from instrument to instrument as the vibe demands.

For those who have never set foot inside 5PMG HQ, rest assured that this crazy atmosphere in injected directly into iNDEED’s music. There are plenty of good adjectives for it (funky, dirty, groovy, etc) but justice can only be done by listening. So without further ado, BLVD St and 5 Points Music Group are proud to present iNDEED’s self-titled debut.

Download: iNDEED

A.Dd+ - Can’t You See (Prod by Nick Nack)

The Dallas Duo, drop a new single that is featured on the Austin producer/dj Nick Nacks upcoming project, State Machine. This shit goes hard.

“What’s interesting about this song,” notes Slim Gravy, “was that I had written my verse and the hook without even telling Paris the concept, and his verse ended up matching perfectly.” And that concept, according to Paris, is, “the weight of petty issues and people, and how they can shape your perspective on life in a given moment.” The gist of the song, a melancholy track built around Nick Nack’s slowed, guitar-laden beat, is summed up in one succinct bar from Paris’ verse, when he raps, “The success turned me to anti-social socialite.”

I Self Devine - Report from the Field in the Trenches (mixtape)

I'm about a week late on this. My apologies, I was out of town all of last week. Anyways, I Self, continues to put out quality AND quantity. He's now three tapes deep in his one tape every first Thursday of the month series. He's got one more left, then he'll hit us with the album. I've been declaring this an incredible task and feat in on the last two tapes...I won't stop singing the praises here. Each tape has been over all original production and has gotten better and better each time. What I Self Divine is doing is nothing short of absolutely amazing. I really hope you all are following along with each release, because if you are not, you are really missing out on something stellar.

Download: Mixtape

Qwazaar & Batsauce - Bat Meets Blaine (Remix Album)

Way back in 2011, Qwazaar & Batsauce released "Bat Meets Blain" on Galapagos4. It was a stellar effort, one that I put on my top albums list of the year. Now the very talented folks over at Galapagos4 have put together a FREE album of remixes. All production is handled by the very able hands of producers you may have heard of; Maker, Willie Evans Jr, Silence, Jackson Jones, Wes Restless, & More.

Download: Bat Meets Blaine (remix album)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chicharones - Por Que? (Pork Eh?) (Mixtape)

I may be a couple weeks late on this, but late is better than nothing. The Chicharones are back! CamoBear Records brings you the latest in free music from Josh Martinez and Sleep. This tape was created while on tour, listening to nothing but "stolen mixtapes and workout jams." It's a collection of industry beats with some classic's sprinkled in. This is also being released in preparation for their upcoming album, Swine Flew.

DOWNLOAD: Chicharones - Por Que? (Pork Eh?)

Chet Faker - Terms And Conditions (Video)

It's not hip hop, but I do love this song... Thinking In Textures drops March 26th.

Hodgy Beats & Tyler The Creator - NY (Ned Flander) (Video)

New video from the Odd Future collective's two front men. The OF Tape 2 drops March 20th.

M-Phazes ft. Emilio Rojas & Rich Rivera - Holdin' It Down

If you didnt know, M-Phazes is one of the illest, and most slept on, producers in the game. And if you frequent this blog, you know that I champion the shit outta Emilio Rojas. This is just another one in the two's long list of collaborations. This one is featured as a bonus joint off of M-Phazes latest release, Phazed Out.

Legit - Coloring Outside The Lines (Mixtape)

I'd never heard of this dude before, but after listening to the song in the above video, I couldnt not share this. And to my surprise, I come to find out that this dude already dropped a tape last December... So here is it.

DOWNLOAD: Legit - Coloring Outside The Lines

01. Intro (ft. Tink)
02. Thirteen
03. Yachtzee
04. Seeing Is Believing (ft. Connoisseur)
05. A Nigger In Northface (ft. Arielle Kresich)
06. Fly Me To The Moon
07. Danny Ocean
08. The Diagnosis
09. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service
10. Let It Out (ft. Tink)
11. Action Figures
12. Black Tie Affair
13. The Memoirs Of Dante Sarth
14. Sky Is Close

Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon - M.A.R.S.

Cormega drops the new joint from this maybe/maybe not "super group" dubbed, M.A.R.S. ('Mega, Action, Roc, Saigon). There is rumors of a full project, but I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime, here's their debut track. It's being credited as a Cormega song, featuring the other dudes. So who knows what (if anything) this will lead to...

The Knux ft. Natalia Kills - 1974 (Video)

The Knux let go of the video for their latest single off of last years Eraser.

Wale ft. Lil Duval - Fairy Tales (Video)

New set of visuals from Wale's Eleven One Eleven Theory Mixtape. #AssAssAssAssAssAss [/bigseanvoice]

Action Bronson - Hookers At The Point (Video)

Action and his multiple personalities. Blue Chips drops March 12th.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Big K.R.I.T. - 4Eva Na Day (Mixtape)

One of Hip Hop's most promising up and comers, Big K.R.I.T., drops off his brand new mixtape, 4Eva Na Day. Fully produced and arranged by K.R.I.T. himself, and not a single feature. This is easily one of my most anticipated albums of the last 5-6 months, especially after his amazing sophomore effort, Return Of 4eva, last year. If you dont know, get up on Big K.R.I.T. immediately. Honestly, I completely forgot this was dropping today haha. I got home from work, made dinner, threw on The Wire, and was just kicking back.. This has just changed my whole evening.

DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. - 4Eva Na Day

01. 8:04 AM
02. Wake Up
03. Yesterday
04. Boobie Miles
05. 4Eva Na Day (Theme)
06. Me And My Old School
07. 1986
08. Country Rap Tunes
09. Sky Club
10. Red Eye
11. Down And Out
12. Package Store
13. Temptation
14. Hand Writing
15. Insomnia
16. 5:04 AM
17. The Alarm

Krit just let loose of the Clean Version for any DJ's or youngins that may intend to play him on the radio, in a club for little kids, or in front of their parents...
DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. - 4Eva Na Day (Clean)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chip Tha Ripper - Hy As Fck

The only man to come forward about turning down XXL's Freshmen List from this year drops off a new heater. Chip tends to be a little hit/miss with me, but this joint is fire... Production by Big Duke.

DOWNLOAD: Chip Tha Ripper - Hy As Fck.mp3 - 9.4 MB

Mayday ft. Pharoahe Monch & Stat Quo - Death March Remix

Mayday grabs some guest spots from Pharoahe Monch and Stat Quo for the Remix to their song Death March. Mayday's Strange Music debut, Take Me To Your Leader, drops on March 26th.

DOWNLOAD: Mayday ft. Pharoahe Monch & Stat Quo - Death March Remix.mp3 - 12.1 MB

Throwback Of The Day: Wale ft. Skyzoo - Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Back in 2008, when Wale was still gaining his momentum, gearing up for his Mixtape About Nothing release, he dropped this gem with Skyzoo. Now, I know 2008 doesnt really qualify as a Throwback, but for some reason I was itching to listen to this song for the last few days, and I figured I'd share it with you while I was at it...They call it the Hacksaw Jim Duggan because of the 4x4 flow. Meaning Skyzoo and Wale go 4 bars back and forth during the whole song. This was just the start of the many Wale/Skyzoo collaborations.

DOWNLOAD: Wale ft. Skyzoo - Hacksaw Jim Duggan.mp3 - 6.2 MB

But Hacksaw Jim Duggan had a 2x4...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bun B ft. Royce Da 5'9" & Redman - Stop Playin

The Trill OG of the South links up with two more dope spitters to bring us the latest offering from his upcoming, Trill Recognize Trill LP.

DOWNLOAD: Bun B ft. Royce Da 5'9'' & Redman - Stop Playin.mp3 - 8.5 MB

Stalley - Trap Money

So, right after Stalley drops off what was supposed to be the last song in his Songs By Me, Stalley series, he hits us with another throw away joint from the "Songs By Me, Stalley sessions." Which means he just had one more song to give away... So If you have the EP that I uploaded, I just labeled this song as track 11, cause I'm just throwing it in that folder... Also, Stalley finally reached over 50K followers on twitter, and he's revealed that his upcoming album Savage Journey To The American Dream will finally drop on March 30th.

DOWNLOAD: 11 Trap Money.mp3 - 2.0 MB

AD ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Che Blaq - Patience

Smooth new joint from some dude named AD. I'm not gonna front, I peeped it cause it had K.R.I.T's name attached to it. And apparently its like 2 weeks old... But eff it, this shit is stupid dope.

DOWNLOAD: AD ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Che Blaq - Patience.mp3 - 8.2 MB

Ab-Soul - Showin' Love

I dont care if you agree with me or not, Ab-Soul is the Wish Bone of TDE... Except good.

DOWNLOAD: Ab-Soul - Showin Love.mp3 - 6.9 MB

Mac Miller - Loud

New Mac Miller. Just for Monk.

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller - Loud.mp3 - 7.4 MB

Freddie Gibbs ft. Problem & 211 - All Gone Fuck

Gangsta Gibbs lets go of a new joint featuring Problem and 211. And this shit's cool.

DOWNLOAD: Freddie Gibbs ft. Problem & 211 - All Gone Fck.mp3 - 3.6 MB

Robin Thicke ft. Lil Wayne - Pretty Lil' Heart (Video)

Robin Thicke and Wayne link up to shoot a video for their fifty'lemth collabo. This one's from Robin Thicke's latest album, Love After War.

J. Cole - Visionz Of Home

Cole drops off a new joint produced by Elite.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole - Visionz Of Home.mp3 - 7.2 MB

Obie Trice ft. Drey Skonie - Spend The Day

Obie lets off a smooth new joint from the upcoming album Bottoms Up, which may actually see the light of day on April 3rd. It's been a long time coming for that album, but Obie has always been dope, so I'm still looking forward to it...

DOWNLOAD: Obie Trice ft. Drey Skonie - Spend The Day.mp3 - 3.6 MB

Juicy J - Blue Dream & Lean (Mixtape) (No DJ)

Admittedly, I took a pass on this tape when it first came out, but I have heard nothing but good stuff about Jucy's work as of late. Even if it has been dubbed "Ignorant Brilliance." I'ma stop sleeping and check it out. Won't you join me?

EDIT: So, originally, the link that I'd been given was a hodge-podge of mp3 files and m4a files combined, none of which were numbered properly or tagged correctly. Please enjoy this improved version of the tape including all 24 songs in mp3 format, tagged and numbered properly. Because here at The Milk Crate, we aim to please. (Actually, I'm just a little OCD about my music labeling...)

DOWNLOAD: Juicy J - Blue Dream & Lean

8Ball - Premro (Mixtape)

The legendary 8Ball (of 8Ball & MJG fame) drops off his brand new mixtape for the masses. I forgot that this was even coming out soon, so my day has officially been made right now. Hit that download, and enjoy some classic dirty south hip hop...

DOWNLOAD: 8Ball - Premro

01. Drought
02. Allergic (ft. Bun B & Killer Mike)
03. Showed Up (ft. MJG)
04. Em Down (ft. 2Chainz & Yung Joc)
05. Immaculate Perception (ft. Waka Flocka Flame & Yelawolf)
06. Put That On Everythang (ft. Styles P, Trae Tha Truth & Ebony Love)
07. Jumpin Up (ft. B-Hav & 2Deep)
08. Bytch Like U
09. Washing Machine (ft. Slim)
10. What's The Rush
11. You & Me & Her (ft. Ebony Love)
12. Bread & Butter (ft. Cheeto Gambine, Kinfolk Thugs, GK, TMack & Gangsta Boo)
13. No Pain (ft. Don Trip)
14. The Man Under The Bridge (ft. Elliot Ives)
15. Soap Box (ft. Demun Jones & Matt Mages)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cee-Lo Green - All Alone Now

Apparently Cee-Lo had originally wrote this song in 2007 for Whitney Houston, during her very public break up with Bobby Brown. The song was never released, and Whitney never had a chance to sing it. But in light of her untimely passing, they felt it right to release this song in her memory. R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

King Fantastic - Bonfire Sessions (Video)

One of my favorite tracks from The King Fantastic's album Finger Snaps And Gun Claps, which dropped about a year and a half ago. And I dont even smoke. Anyways, cool new video up top. FREE KILLER REESE ONE!

Terrace Martin ft. iLL Camille - Tune Out (Video)

Today is just a music video type of day... Smooth new set of visuals from Terrace Martin's free EP, Thoughts From Detention.

Emilio Rojas - Pussy And Cologne (Video)

New video from XXL's favorite rapper to overlook. If you havent heard Breaking Point yet, do yourself a favor and remedy that situation soon.

Illmaculate - Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads (Video)

Dope new single from Illmac. Skrill Talk will finally be coming April 17th...

Freestyle Fellowship - This Write Here (Video)

New video from one of my favorite groups in hip hop. If you havent heard their latest album, The Promise, it's ok... And dont watch this video if you dont want seizures. And until they can figure out a way to make the video not play automatically, hit the jump to watch it...

Jesse Boykins III - B4 The Night Is Thru (Video)

This song came out, probably a year and a half ago... But it's finally getting the visual treatment. No complaints here. I freaking love this song... The album, Love Apparatus, is coming soon.