Thursday, August 4, 2011

JOIN ME... With Spotify

If you arent familiar with Spotify, its the HOT new music sharing awesomeness. I havent been posting anything on the blog because I've spent the last few days just playing on Spotify. Its basically a huge music catalog "in the clouds." Meaning, that it will not only store and let you play the music that you already have on your computer, but it also has a humungous catalog of music you can stream for free. You just punch in an artist's name in the search bar, and it brings up full albums, singles, remixes, etc. Now, dont get me wrong, it doesnt have everything, but it has a lot. I was a little disappointed at the lack of early Cash Money music available (No Turk? No Baller Blockin Soundtrack? No Hot Boys? C'mon son). But still... And if thats not enough, it also integrates it all into your social networking. You can create playlists and post them to your facebook, and since the music is all in the clouds, anyone who has a spotify account can click over and listen to your playlists anywhere at any time, without having to download anything. It's amazing. Now, there are different levels of accounts, and I just have a free one, so I dont have any invites to throw around, but I can let you know where you CAN get invites...

Via Sprite
Via Ashton Kutcher
Via Coca-Cola
Via Mike Shinoda (from Linkin Park & Fort Minor)
Via Herbal Essences

One of those should work for you. And when youve got your account up and running, check me out @ kickthekan

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