Sunday, August 7, 2011

LuckyIAm - I Love Haters (Mixtape)

Lucky of the Living Legends crew links up with LRG to release his latest mixtape/album/collection of music. Produced entirely by Kruse. Here's what he had to say about it.

You can’t critique anything anymore without being labeled a hater and I just don’t agree with that so, I love haters aka, people who have great taste, style and originality who aren’t afraid to express their opinions.

DOWNLOAD: LuckyIAm - I Love Haters

01. Get Lucky
02. I Love Haters
03. Paid Dues
04. For You (ft. Aceyalone & Slug)
05. Watch!
06. Love You / Hate U
07. Somethin2Say (ft. Imani & Pep Love)
08. Nothing Left
09. Doin This Dame
10. So Simple Back Then (ft. Kruse)
11. The Guilty
12. I Need...
13. TV In The Afternoon
14. Guts
15. Another Lesson
16. Therapist

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