Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MNKEYWRENCH - Until Forever (EP)

MNKEYWRENCH is the duo of JaySwifa & Iye, both of the collective Fly.Union. The two, together, produce a good chunk of Fly.Union's music. Now, although I havent yet listened to this tape, im feeling kind of bittersweet about it. Swifa and Iye are both dope, but Jerreau is my favorite member of Fly.U. Anyways, give this a listen, at the very least we know the beats will be awesome. But I have confidence it will all be awesome. LETS LISTEN...


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01. Satellite
02. Lights Out
03. Get Away
04. Outer Space
05. Dreams / Willing (Interlude)
06. Man Down
07. Pretty Face

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