Tuesday, August 9, 2011

J-Live - The Live Identity (Mixtape)

With no warning, J-Live drops a brand new collection of Music. Featuring old songs, new songs, rare songs, etc. Go grab this from his bandcamp page. J-Live never disappoints.

DOWNLOAD: J-Live - The Live Identity

1 The Bourne Live Intro
2 Can I Get It?
3 The Best Part
4 A Charmed Life
5 Walkman Music
6 Aaw Yeah
7 Feel Like Spitin’
8 The Upgrade
9 Poetry In Motion
10 Talk About
11 Braggin Writes’
12 I Say Peace
13 Brand Nu Live
14 Coming Home/Coming Home Remix
15 Vacation
16 Break It Down (Brady Version)
17 Practice (Spaghetti Bender Mix)
18 This Is The Formula
19 Them That’s Not
20 She Said What?
21 Parts Unknown
22 Watch Sun Watch
23 Give It Up (from Think Differently)
24 The Truth
25 No Time To Waste/9000 Miles
26 School’s In
27 Epilogue
28 Undivided Attention/Satisfied?
29 The Way That I Rhyme
30 Treadstone Outro

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