Monday, August 8, 2011

Self Scientific – God’s Language (Video)

Self Scientific - God's Language (Video) from Chace Infinite on Vimeo.

One of your boy Peezy's favorite groups doing it, drop some visuals to one of my favorite cuts off of Trials Of The Blackhearted.

“God’s Language” is one of my personal favorites off our latest offering, Trials Of The Blackhearted. The formless stream of consciousness, and flow of the song feels powerful and free. This video is equally as powerful and free. Todd Angkasuwan directed this video and we wanted to do something that would illustrate the lyrics and feel of the music right. I think we came pretty close. I don’t want to explain the concept too much, I will leave that up you. To our fans, sorry for the delay. . . more on the way.

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