Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kno fires shots at Spotify (free Cunninlynguists albums)

The always outspoken producer/emcee (the token white boy) of Cunninlynguist recently unleashed some barbs aimed at the Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. I'm a huge supporter of Cunninlynguist and own every record they've put out except the first one...but I'm on record as saying Kno often comes off like a......bitch (for lack of a better word). Mainly when he went on his little holier than thou rant on kids calling out his sample works. Here's his spat.

"It was recently revealed that the CEO of Spotify is worth $307 million dollars -- more money than every artist they feature except 1. In honor of the .005 cents per play we get from Spotify as they trick you out of your weed money under the guise of "supporting artists", it's "Fuck Spotify" week at! Take this week off from streaming CL on Spotify and download any album from at whatever price you choose -- even free! - Kno"

Of course the CEO of Spotify is a Multimillionaire he created a product that legions use. The dude created his first company at the age of 14. I get what Kno's saying here, I really do...but to be pissy about it is retarded....but the good news is for a very limited time you can get the entire back catalog of Cunninlynguist and co records for any price you included.

Download: Cunninlynguist Discography

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