Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fly.Union - Zenith EP

Fly Dot U is back at it with their brand new EP, Zenith. These kids are too dope to sleep on. So don't...

DOWNLOAD: Fly.Union - Zenith EP

1.The Hard Way (THW) [prod. by @JaySwifa]
2.Gone [prod. by @JaySwifa]
3.Nothing New [prod. by @ThatBoyCurtis]
4.Cashing In [prod. by @JaySwifa]
5.Seen This Before ft. GLC [prod. by @Iyeball]
6.Home Wth Me [prod. by @Iyeball]
7.What You Feel [prod. by @Iyeball and @JaySwifa]
8.Conflicted [prod. by @Iyeball]
9.Dreams BankReau Can Buy (DBCB) [prod. by @JaySwifa]
10.Because Its Real ft. Iyeball [prod. by @Iyeball]
11.Dreams BankReau Can Buy (DBCB)

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