Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lupe Fiasco gets another hit record jacked by B.o.B.

If you didnt know, B.o.B.'s first smash single, Nothing On You, was originally intended for Lupe Fiasco. When the song blew up, Lupe kinda took an L. Nothing Lupe's not used to, being signed to Atlantic (where careers go to die). But, back before The Adventures Of Bobby Ray and Lasers dropped, Lupe also did a song featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore. That song was called Airplanes. Then Jim Jonson stole that one from Lupe too, and tossed it to B.o.B. Then that one blew up too..

Then we got Lasers. Have I mentioned how much I hate Atlantic Records? sheesh...

Anyways. Here is the original version of Airplanes, from Lupe and Hayley.

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco (feat. Hayley Williams) - Airplanes [Original].mp3

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