Saturday, July 23, 2011

Classy Hoes......Eldorado Red - Jeffe Music

Our Classy Hoe's music introduction technique has been few and far between.....Fret not, I got you. Blast of Steady Bloggin' has the blog game on lock when it comes to introducing me to new music. This was one of those times...

Fancy yourself some Mafioso, Soulful, Gangster Music? Me to. This time around we bring you Eldorado Red's Jeffe Music: The G5 Edition. I listened to this entire project while toiling away at work. Must say it's fucking awesome. As far as the genre of the mobbed out gangster music...there's not many out there (Roc Marciano?) touching this album. Do yourself a favor and scoop it up.


Download: Back in da Dayz

Download: Want Something

Download: Hey Love

Download: Jeffe Music

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