Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Muhsinah - Gone (EP)

Muhsinah's beautiful voice is back with her newest offering, Gone. This is technically a double EP, featuring a 3-song "Urban" EP and a 3-song "Suburban" EP (Dont ask which songs are from which EP). You probably know Muhsinah from her numerous features with The Foreign Exchange, including the Grammy nominated "Daykeeper." Anyways, hit her official website to be confused. Or just hit the bootleg link on hulkshare and dont worry about having to sign up to her mailing lists and stuff...

DOWNLOAD (legitimately): Muhsinah - Gone EP
BOOTLEG: Muhsinah - Gone EP

01. One
02. Stop & Go
03. Gone
04. Down To 1
05. Stop
06. Til I'm Gone

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