Saturday, December 17, 2011

AEli - Double Minded

So, if you follow this blog religiously (which all of you should), you'll know that a few weeks ago, I started a tumblr. I quickly lost interest in posting things on it. Like, very quickly. But I still enjoy using the website to keep track of a handful of other people's pages. And while I was on there today, I came across a song that really just stuck out to me as being super dope. I'd never heard of the artist before, but I was just in the right mood, and I played the song easily 4 times through... And because I'm a nice guy, I want to share this music with you. The song is called "Double Minded," and it's by singer/producer AEli. He is part of a crew called Elephant In The Room, which appears to be based out of LA. If you like the song, click HERE to check out the Elephant In The Room tumblr page for other songs and future updates...

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