Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big Urban - Kick The Can

So, I was looking through some old music the other day, and I came across Cool Calm Pete's Lost, which is an amazing album, if you dont have it. But it got me wondering where he went after Def Jux died last year. So I got to googling, and found out that he is involved with this new label called, Modern Shark. So I grabbed their latest mixtape (which you can get below), and this joint by Big Urban really stuck out to me. For clear reasons, I listened to this song first, and as much as he sounds like he sould have been signed to Anticon or something, I really dig this song. So here it is for you to all enjoy with me, and if you want to check out the Modern Shark label mixtape, you can grab that below...

DOWNLOAD: Big Urban - Kick The Can

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: Modern Shark Label Sampler Vol. 3

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