Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shad - BeSides (Mixtape)

Brand new old music from one of Canada's illest emcees, Shad. This joint contains some remixes, some features, some unreleased, etc. But it's Shad. And he's dope. So you still need this for you ipod, or your computer, or whatever you use to listen to music on.

DOWNLOAD: Shad - BeSides

1. Give You All I Can
2. Listen (Remix)
3. Notorious
4. Flawless
5. One Two Check (From The Great Escape)
6. Rose Garden (Remix)
7. Love
8. Stereotypes
9. Want You Back
10. Praise Da Lord
11. Count Your Blessings
12. Dawn Song (Remix)
13. Paving The Way
14. Electric City
15. It's About Time
16. Heateration
17. Flux and Flow (From Siberia)
18. Live Forever (Acapella)

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