Sunday, December 18, 2011

Throwback Of The Day: Timbaland, Static & Aaliyah - I Am Music


As I was scrolling through my iPod to find something to listen to on my half hour drive to work this morning, I scrolled all the way up to the A's and didnt make it too far after that. I've always been a huge fan of Aaliyah. I remember when the "Are You That Somebody" video came out, and she was steadily #2 on TRL, week after week after week. And I had it mapped out so that I'd turn the TV on at like 3:52 exactly, just in time for them to go into her video, and then I'd turn it off. But I digress, I decided to play the 2 disc Ultimate collection. And as I got through "Age Aint Nothing But A Number," "4 Page Letter," "At Your Best," and even "Come Back In One Piece," I came upon the song, "I Am Music." It was originally released on Timbaland and Magoo's sophomore release, Indecent Proposal (which I also own), and also featured Static Major of the R&B trio Playa. I immediately remembered the song, and knew I liked it, but as I listened again for the first time in easily 5-6 years, I fell in love with this music all over again...

DOWNLOAD: Aaliyah, Timbaland & Static Of Playa - I Am Music.mp3

Rest In Peace Aaliyah & Static Major

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