Saturday, February 18, 2012

Classy Hoes Presents: Parallel Thought – Eccentric Breaks & Beats Volume 2

A little late on this, But none the less, Just a little something to ride too. I can pretty much guarantee you that this will be the best thing you listen to this weekend.

With 2011 being Parallel Thought's 10 year anniversary, they decided to create a project that would represent the hard work they had put in over the past decade. Being a classic hip hop production group, their appreciation for samples and the artists of an older era seemed natural to evolve the project into a instrumental mix of beats, breaks and edits of songs that moved the soul. By choosing one labels library (the mighty Numero Group) to use as the source for their musical collage, they found creative freedom to use parts of samples that would normally be avoided in conventional hip-hop because of clearance issues. In the sprit of the culture, the idea and project itself was very spontaneous and began without permission from anyone. This turned into a challenge for the group who knew that the only right way for the project to come out would be to impress the label who’s records they sampled enough to agree to its release. With the blessing from Numero, this project truly does showcase how music from the past can still lay the foundation for music of the present. For a 10-year anniversary release, we at Parallel Thought, could not be prouder, heres our gift to you!

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