Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hodgy Beats - Untitled EP

Hodgy drops off the brand new ep that he announced via twitter yesterday. Dope cover art. And he's easily my favorite emcee in the Odd Future clan, so I can only imagine the music will be dope too. It'll also be nice to hear him over some beats other than Left Brain's. Take that how you will...

DOWNLOAD: Hodgy Beats - Untitled EP

1. Bullshittin' (Produced by Juicy J)

2. Cookie Coma (Produced by The Alchemist)

3. Lately (Produced by Flying Lotus)

4. Samurai (Produced by Jonti Danimals)

5. In A Dream (Produced by The Alchemist)

6. Ave. (Produced by Thelonious Martin)

7. Lamented (Produced by Flying Lotus)

8. If Heaven Is A Ghetto (Produced by Thelonious Martin)

9. Higashi Loves You

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