Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AC & DJ Burn One - Steady Dabbin' (Mixtape)

It is my opinion that no producer is currently doing it as well as DJ Burn One and his 5 Points team. BUT, he's had the reputation of working with some less than stellar emcees. I've argued against that idea for some time now, but will not do so with this project. AC is decent, but he's not going to blow you away. So why post it? I believe this is some of Burn Ones finest laid back production to date...I won't go as far as saying that it's a damn shame that he wasted the soundscapes with AC...because there are quite a few dope cuts on here that AC compliments perfectly. Either way I won't front, the production is what I'm backing here. You should all give it a spin and see what you think.

Download Here


  1. Dis whole tape TRILL AS FUCK! foreal dis that #noneedtohitskip music. Just lay back n burn down nnn

  2. i fuck with it. He's not eminem, yelawolf, ritz etc.. i think thats the point... he's just a chill dude vibin with some dope beats who's comfortable in his own skin. It works for me.. i fuk with it imj.. he doesn't come off as trying to be anyone he aint he's just vibin.. yea some of if could be better but for a first project/release/anythng ever.. i think this is solid.. far from wack. Im interested to hear his 2nd project. i believe it drops in March.. at least well here him w/ a few dif producers.. I'm sure good ones again!

  3. I disagree, u don't smoke right r sumn watch the BTS vid for his new visual for "Honey" w/ ebony love droppin soon.. lol, from the interview, this his first tape or release. n he white n like barely 20 sumn If i don't like somethin, then i don even post that shit, especially not post it then talk ish bout the artist blogs have changed hip hop... not for the good.. well You and your 22 members enjoy!
    U got ur 1st amendment n so do I. Peace