Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tonedeff - Glutton EP

Tonedeff is reinventing the album release. As we have evolved into an ADD nation, Tone has evolved with us. With his latest release, he brings us the Glutton EP. The first of 4 stylistically different EPs that together become his sophomore album, Polymer. Each EP consists of 5 songs, and will be available on bandcamp at the low low price of "name your own price." So you can grab it for free, you can contribute whatever you feel, or (and this is where it gets fun), you can pre-order the full Polymer CD/DVD now, giving you access to the first 3 digital EPs as they are released, and the exclusive 4th EP only available in the physical format to those who pre-order. And Tone will only be pressing as many copies as are pre-ordered, so if you want a piece of QN5 history, get your pre-order in now!

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Tonedeff - Glutton
PRE-ORDER STANDARD or DELUXE EDITION: Tonedeff - Polymer Pre Order

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