Thursday, November 24, 2011

OnCue - Can't Wait (Mixtape)

If I'm being completely honest, I downloaded OnCue's last project, Cuey Sings The Blues, and it didnt blow me away. But I am kind of in love with his latest single, "Feel Tall." So here is OnCue's latest offering, Can't Wait.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue - Can't Wait

1. Headlights (prod. Chanes)
2. Running (prod. CJ Luzi & Matt Grover)
3. The Geoffrey (prod. CJ Luzi)
4. All the Way (prod. manicanparty & CJ Luzi)
5. Cigarettes and Perfume (feat. manicanparty) (prod. manicanparty)
6. Better Than Before (prod. CJ Luzi)
7. Can't Wait (prod. CJ Luzi & EM Ricchini)
8. Feel Tall (prod. CJ Luzi)
9. Don't Fall for That (feat. Sonny Shotz) (prod. Justin W.)
10. Only Thing We Know (prod. CJ Luzi)
11. Not For Nothing (prod. CJ Luzi)
12. Kinda Late (feat. Mike Posner) (prod. 88-Keys)
13. Make It All Work (prod. CJ Luzi)
14. Selfish (prod. CJ Luzi)
15. Alive (prod. manicanparty & CJ Luzi)

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