Monday, January 23, 2012

Saigon - Warning Shots 3 (Mixtape)

New Saigiddy. I'm just saying, I like Saigon, but last years album was just ok. I've only listened to "Women Are The New Dogs" from this tape, and I didnt care for it. But I'm still willing to give the full project a listen. I mean, he did put out "Purple," among many others. So we know he's capable of making dope music...

DOWNLOAD: Saigon - Warning Shots 3

  • 1.Intro ft. Just Blaze
  • 2.BBB (Real Niggas Never Die)
  • 3.I Am 4 Real
  • 4.Hungry
  • 5.Yeah Yeah
  • 6.Bring Me Down Pt.3 feat. Joe Budden
  • 7.Say Yes
  • 8.Come Again 2012
  • 9.Women Are The New Dogs feat. Jovan Dais
  • 10.Kinky
  • 11.When Did U Get Hot
  • 12.Moscato Flow Skit
  • 13.Cutdabullshit, Cutdabullshit
  • 14.Another Man Down feat. Lil Fame
  • 15.WFKR Talk Radio Skit
  • 16.War And Chaos
  • 17.Where To Find Me Ft. Quan
  • 18.Learning As We Go Along feat. Rough
  • 19.Mr. Cool (That Ain't Cool)

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