Tuesday, July 24, 2012

J. Hurt - The Clarity (Mixtape)

Just a couple weeks ago, Elephant In The Room co-creator, AEli, dropped off his new mixtape, Reminiscing With Wine. This week, we get a new project from the other mind behind Elephant In The Room, J. Hurt. This one is called The Clarity. Admittedly, I checked this album out based on how much I enjoyed the AEli tape. And this one is pretty dope too. Definitely has some solid joints on there. So grab it and enjoy...

DOWNLOAD: J. Hurt - The Clarity

1.The Real (Prod. Ouja Marek)
2.Change The World feat. AEli (prod. Ouja Marek)
3.OhThreeOhFour Pt. 1 (prod. Luv Jonez)
4.Broke In America (prod. Galore Flower Child)
5.Edgy (Prod. By Handbook)
6.Pennies For My Thoughts (prod. Luv Jonez)
7.Alive (Prod. PGMW)
8.Chasing feat. Faith James (prod. Luv Jonez)
9.Clouds Gone For Not Too Long (prod. PGMW)
10.The Long Way (prod. Handbook)
11.Everything Changes (Prod. Handbook)
12.Nothing's Gonna Stop Me (prod. Arnor Gislason)
13.RapNShit (prod. Luv Jonez)
14.Where's the Love (prod. Ouja Marek)
15.Pick Your Poison (prod. Prestige)
16.Watching The Waves (Prod. PGMW)
17.I Don't Need It (prod. Prestige)
18.It's an Underdog Story (Prod. Handbook)
19.Enjoy The Ride (prod. Zerkseez the Invader)
20.STFU (prod. Emani)

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