Friday, July 13, 2012

AEli - Reminiscing With Wine (Mixtape)

New mixtape from singer/producer/occasional rapper AEli. He, and rapper J. Hurt, co-founded a crew of emcees, singers and producers based in LA, and this is AEli's first offering thus far. So grab it and love it. If you want a sample, click the Double Minded link below, and you can stream the song from when I first posted it a couple months back...

DOWNLOAD: AEli - Reminiscing With Wine

1.Reminiscing With Wine (Prod. STB)
2.Be Mine (Prod. AEli)
3.Bottom of the Food Chain (Prod. AEli)
4.We Go Back Feat. Casual Jamar and Kiwan (Prod. PGMW)
5.Can't Let Go Feat. Katori Walker (Prod. AEli)
6.Millionaire Feat. Katori Walker and J.Hurt (Prod. AEli)
7.Submission (Prod. Dailon)
8.California What's up (Prod. STB)
9.Double Minded (Prod AEli)
10.Thinking Too Much (Prod. STB)
11.Regret (Prod. AEli)
12.Elephant in the Room (Prod. AEli)
13.Round and Round (Prod. AEli)

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