Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ro Ransom - Ransomnia (Mixtape)

I knew this dude as Nero waaay before I knew anything about some shitty electronic band. But alas. One blows up. The other must adjust their namesake accordingly. So, this is a brand new mixtape by the newly dubbed Ro Ransom. But hell, new name or not, the kid can spit. So grab the tape below and give it a couple spins...

DOWNLOAD: Ro Ransom - Ransomnia

01. Ransomniac
02. Limousine
03. Overnight
04. All The Reasons Why
05. CM Punk
06. Paradise In Purgatory
07. So Throwed
08. Many Names, One Heart
09. Dead Man Wonderland
10. Anonymous
11. Leap Of Faith
12. Howl
13. Masquerade
14. All Eyes On Me
15. Push The Envelope
16. Coyote Meets World

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