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Starting tomorrow, May 1st, The Milk Crate's creators (The Dead Poet, Kannon and Monk) will be bringing you reviews, and breakdowns for their top ten favorite hip hop albums of all time. Each day, for the month of May, we will post one selection from each of us, starting tomorrow with entry #10 from The Dead Poet. So get your wallets out, because if you dont already own any of the following 30 albums (or less if there are repeats), you need to buy them immediately.

Chuuwee - Stuck In '92

Dope new joint from Chuuwee. Produced by Beats For Clothes. And supposedly will be featured on the upcoming Beats For Clothes album. But for now, you can enjoy it here...

DOWNLOAD: Chuuwee - Stuck In '92.mp3

Tyler The Creator - Tron Cat

Tyler drops off a new joint from his upcoming album, Goblin, in stores May 10th. I need a Tyler / Earl / Frank Ocean album. That would be ideal... Make it happen, Tyler.

DOWNLOAD: Tyler The Creator - Tron Cat.mp3

The Milk Crate on Twitter!

A friend of mine texted me this morning and asked if The Milk Crate was on twitter. "No," I said, realizing that it would be a great idea. So NOW WE ARE! Shout to Shaka.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Throwback Of The Day: Ice T Edition

Today's Throwback comes from the former "copkiller," and current "cop." Im pretty sure I knew who Ice T was before I ever heard his music. That sentence doesnt sound like it makes sense, but I promise, it does. I vaguely remember seeing Ice T on TV, and just kinda knowing him as "a rapper" for quite some time, before I ever had the opportunity to hear his music. I also know that when I heard the song, "I Must Stand," it had already been out for a few years. But it was the first time I was able to put the face of that random rapper guy from MTV to an actual song. I dont know what album this song is from, and I dont remember what year it came out. All I remember is that when I was a freshman (or something) in high school (2000ish?), I downloaded a napster-like program (grokster?) on my dads computer, and downloaded a TON of music. And then uninstalled the program before he got home from work. This was one of those songs.

DOWNLOAD: Ice T - I Must Stand.mp3

Sample Wars: Jah Skillz vs. Nelly

This week's sample wars is sponsored by "Dont Stop Ever Loving Me" by One Way. And dont forget to hit the comment section and place your vote on which song you think it the dopest!

First up is Jah Skillz. Now, technically this song appeared on the Warren G album, Regulate... G Funk Era, and was simply listed as "featuring Jah Skillz." But Warren isnt even on the song. So Jah Skillz will be representing this first entry...

IN THIS CORNER... Jah Skillz... "Super Soul Sis"

Next up, is Nelly. Although this was never an official single from Nelly's album, Country Grammar, it managed to get its fair share of shine on a bunch of MTV reality shows. I dont remember which shows, but I remember it happening. So dont act like I dont know what Im talking about. Jerk.

AND IN THIS CORNER... Nelly... "Loven Me"

Hit the comment section to vote!

Kokayi ft. Substantial & Tamara Wellons - Summery

New joint from Kokayi, featuring Substantial and Tamara Whoknows. Apparently Kokayi is working on a Remix EP for his QN5 debut, Robots And Dinosaurs. The EP should be out sometime in the next 6 years (as is a fair estimate for most QN5 releases).

DOWNLOAD: Kokayi ft. Substantial & Tamara Wellons - Summery.mp3

Apollo The Great - Apollo 21 (Mixtape)

Meh, Im a little skeptical about this dude. But the joint with Joell is dope. So grab it if you want it. But check the joint with Joell first...

DOWNLOAD: Apollo The Great ft. Joell Ortiz - Call It Quits Remix.mp3

DOWNLOAD: Apollo The Great - Apollo 21 (Mixtape)

01. Intro (Apollo 21)
02. Nasa
03. Ink Bleed (ft. Freeway)
04. Destiny
05. Out Of This World (ft. Bash Jones)
06. Off The Ground (ft. YFame & Verb Spielberg)
07. Realer Than Most
08. Struggle No More (ft. Sean Price)
09. On The Way To The Money
10. Reincarnated
11. Devil Woman
12. You And My Girl
13. Your Dream (ft. Beano)
14. Be On Top (ft. YFame)
15. Everywhere We Go
16. Call It Quits Remix (ft. Joell Ortiz)

Diamond District - In The Ruff (Instrumentals)

Last week, Oddisee offered up his Mental Liberation lp for free. This week, He lets loose of the Instrumental version of In The Ruff from Diamond District (Oddisee, yU & XO). Grab it while you can. If you're late, pay for it. CAUSE YOURE NOT A DICK, RIGHT!?

Neako - LOUDpack: Tree

New mixtape from Neako, presented by the good folks at Should be a dope one. You know how I feel about that joint with Juicy J (I like it. a lot.) So grab this, and we can dance together.

DOWNLOAD: Neako - LOUDpack: Tree

01. And Umm [prod. Snake Eyes, Neako]
02. The Dawn [prod. Neako]
03. Back So Soon [prod. Neako]
04. Higher Than Kanye [prod. Neako]
05. Flossin (ft. Juicy J) [prod. Neako]
06. Running (ft. Fresh Moss) [prod. Neako]
07. FUWK [prod. Neako]
08. Flesh (ft. Wiz Khalifa) [prod. Neako, Fluterscooter & Stork]
09. Back Again [prod. Neako]
10. World Inc (ft. Young Jab & Devynity) [prod. Snake Eyes, Neako, Flutes By Fluterscooter]
11. All Around The World [prod. Cashous Clay]
12. Wild (ft. Vado) [prod. Neako]
13. YSL Dream [prod. Neako]
14. Hector Lavoe (ft. Nasa) [prod. Neako, Fluterscooter & Stork]
15. Everywhere [prod. Neako]
16. Super Cool [prod. Neako]
17. Smoking Dope (ft. Allstar Da Great) [prod. Neako]
18. Vices [prod. Lex Luger & Stork]
19. Hello [prod. Talen Ted]
20. She Know So [prod. Neako]
21. Lift U Up (ft. Young Jab) [prod. Chase N Cashe]
22. We Own The Sky [prod. Neako]

Chiddy Breaks Freestyle World Record

Chiddy (of Chiddy Bang) breaks the Guinness world record for the longest freestyle, taking the title from the man who's picture is in the dictionary next to the entry for "freestyle," Supernatural. It may not be a very good freestyle (and it looks like he spent the first 9 hours in a room by himself with no beat?) Either way... The new record is 9:18:22. Now go break it.

Kenna - Chains (Video)

New joint from Kenna, assisted by Chad Hugo from The Neptunes (as Shimmy Hoffa). Not my favorite song from Kenna, but still a cool song, and cool video. So check it out. Land 2 Air Chronicles I : Chaos And The Darkness EP is out on iTunes now.

Schoolboy Q - Options

Top Dawg Ent. representative, Schoolboy Q, drops off a new joint. Produced by THC. Who knows what album this song is from, if its from one at all. But I wouldnt complain about a new Schoolboy Q album. Just saying...

DOWNLOAD: Schoolboy Q - Options.mp3

BADBADNOTGOOD - The Odd Future Sessions Part 1

Dope little jazz video from a trio known as BADBADNOTGOOD. Tyler The Creator posted this up on his twitter, and its since been getting some recognition. I must say, I quite enjoyed it myself. But I am also a huge jazz junkie. So there's that...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Emilio Rojas - Breaking Point

Its no secret that I have championed the shit outta Emilio Rojas. But thats just because he keeps putting out dope music. He has a new EP (not yet titled) dropping this June. And you're excited about it.

DOWNLOAD: Emilio Rojas - Breaking Point.mp3

BONUS: JR Mint ft. Emilio Rojas - Do It Right.mp3

Soul Khan - Soul Like Khan (Video) + Acknowldgment EP

New video from the Brown Bag Allstar, Soul Khan. This song was technically from his last mixtape of the same name, but why not let loose of it now, to promote the new work. Soul Khan also just released a 6 track ep called Acknowledgement, which you can listen to, or purchase for $4, below.

Consequence - Everybody Told Me

This may or may not be a diss to Kanye West, over a Kanye West beat. But I dont think it's done ironically. Cause the beat is dope... Who knows. New Quence. Movies On Demand 3, coming soon. Also, Cons says that it will be "the MOST CONTROVERSIAL project that Hip-Hop has seen in some time."

DOWNLOAD: Consequence - Everybody Told Me.mp3

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chris Faust ft. Sunny Jones - Maybe Now Begins

I'd never heard of this kid before this song. But isn't that half the fun sometimes? I saw it over at the dopehouse, and clicked that little play button, and my ears soon thanked me for it. Super dope, chill song from Chris Faust. His album FAUST dropps May 17th over at 2dopeboyz.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Faust ft. Sunny Jones - Maybe Now Begins.mp3

Fonzworth Bentley - C.O.L.O.U.R.S.

After YEARS of waiting, Diddy's former umbrella connoisseur finally decides to drop his mixtape, Cool Outrageous Lovers Of Uniquely Raw Style aka Colours. "Everybody" was my jammy jam when it first dropped back in like 2007... Anyways, Enjoy the long-awaited mixtape from the man who turned G's to Gents...

DOWNLOAD: Fonzworth Bentley - C.O.L.O.U.R.S.

Hype Men episode 37 with Jonathan Mannion

EPISODE 37: Legendary photographer Jonathan Mannion joins the Hype Men to discuss how he got DMX to bathe himself in blood + what Jay-Z thinks of his Jay-Z impression + breaking new artists from Eminem to Lil’ Mama + Game’s Compton street reality + trashing hotel rooms with Sum 41 + the madness of Foxy Brown + Lil’ Wayne’s genius water + the ODB-Donna Summer connection + so much more!

For the record, If you dont know who Jonathan Mannion is, he's the photographer responsible for the following album covers (among other things):
Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt; Vol. 1 In My Lifetime; Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life; Vol. 3 The Life And Times Of S. Carter; The Dynasty; Blueprint; Blueprint 2 (as well as this amazing commercial)
DMX - Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood
Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP (Both Covers)
The Game - The Documentary; The Doctor's Advocate
Memphis Bleek - 534
Akon - Konvicted
Ol' Dirty Bastard - N***a Please

DOWNLOAD via RefinedHype
SUBSCRIBE via iTunes

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Charlie Smarts (of Kooley High) - Trident

Kooley High's Charlie Smarts drops off a new mixtape entitled Trident, with a questionable cover... Features production by FlyingLotus, Oddisee, James Pants, Ratatat, Chromeo and more.

DOWNLOAD: Charlie Smarts - Trident | Alt. Link: Megaupload

01. Far Fetched
02. My Home Is My Dome
03. Golden Parachute
04. Bass Space Rider
05. Peer Pressure
06. Skin
07. Damn Homie
08. Raleighwood
09. It's Gonna Be Alright
10. Trident
11. Test Of Time
12. Everything's Kooley
13. Don't Turn The Lights On
14. All We Want
15. Chocolate Covered Strawberries
16. Orson Write

Shawn Chrystopher - Ashes On My Macbook

New joint from Shawn Chrys. Beat by Shawn Chrys. Silent Films For The Blind, August 9th.

DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher - Ashes On My Macbook.mp3

Fly.Union - The Greater Than Club

The wait is finally over! Fly.U finally brings us their full length debut, The Greater Than Club. It's been a while since Ive anticipated something like this. So dont sleep. Includes guest verses from Dom Kennedy, Pac Div, BJ The Chicago Kid and more.

DOWNLOAD: Fly.Union - The Greater Than Club

01. Salutations
02. Hard Sell
03. Good To Go
04. 5000
05. Finish Line
06. Long Run
07. Love For You
08. How To Act (Interlude)
09. Friends.Women.Money (ft. Dom Kennedy)
10. Control
11. Don't Call
12. Look Up To The Sky (ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & P.Blackk)
13. Do It For You (ft. Pac Div & BJ The Chicago Kid)
14. Who You Wit
15. Sincerely

SMKA – The 808 Experiment Vol 3

SMKA...808 Blake drops his third installment, yet again featuring an allstar cast. Let me just say this, as a producer....I HAVE NO CLUE HOW SOMEONE can get this many artist together on a consistent basis to actually finish these songs in a timely manner. That in it of its self is a huge accomplishment. This album is awesome.

01 In The Laboratory
2 Laws ft. Thee Tom Hardy – “Live My Life”
3 Spodee – “Who Run It”
4 DaVinci – “Slide Through”
5 Aleon Craft ft. Grip Plyaz & Tuki (of Hollyweerd) – “My Girlfriend”
6 Donny Goines ft. Bobby Creekwater & Mikkey Halsted – “For The People”
7 Nesby Phips ft. Phil Ade – “Do Re Mi”
8 STS ft. Tony Williams & Freddie Gibbs – “Cloud of Endo”
9 Sam Dew (of Cloudeater) – “District in the Dark”
10 Jack Preston ft. Spree Wilson – “Mechanical Love”
11 brandUn DeShay ft. Young Lyxx & RE – “Quite the Fiasco”
12 Scar ft. El Prez & Aleon Craft – “Smoke & Ride Out”
13 Jackie Chain ft. Rittz, Jarren Benton & Young Scolla – “Certified Shit”
14 A-1 the Supergroup ft. Raye Rich (of FKi) – “After Party (Hotel)”
15 Casey Veggies ft. Young Scolla & Skewby – “On Everything”
16 Mike Schpitz ft. XO (of Diamond Distrcit) – “So Cruel”
17 PRGz – “Rocks & Rolls”
18 Goines ft. K.Sparks – “Less Than Zero”
19 4-ize – “Four 16s”

Cover Cheat Sheet
1) Aleon Craft
2) STS
3) 4-Ize
4) 808 Blake
5) DaVinci
6) Thee Tom Hardy
7) Brandun DeShay
8 ) Jackie Chain
9) Mikkey Halsted
10) Grip Plyaz
11) 7King
12) Goines
13) Freddie Gibbs
14) Raye Rich (of FKi)
15) Jack Preston
16) K. Sparks
17) Laws
18) RE
19) Jarren Benton
20) Mike Schpitz
21) Phil Ade
22) Spree Wilson
23) Tony Williams
24) Scar
25) Spodee
26) Skweby
27) XO (of Diamond District)
28) Young Lyxx
29) Rittz
30) Nesby Phips
31) Sam Dew (of Cloudeater)
32) Young Scolla
33) Casey Veggies
34) El Prez
35) Dawgy Baggz (of PRGz)
36) Bobby Creekwater
37) Mata (of PRGz)
38) Chris Price (a.k.a Space Bass)
39) Tuki (of Hollyweerd)
40) Donny Goines
41) JT (of A-1)
42) Gee (of A-1)
43) Gunt (of PRGz)

Download: The 808 Experiment Vol 3

RubberRoom is back!

I just found out that the Rubberroom is back, and that they're putting on an official reunion show....Man I wish I still lived is Chicago! Rubberoom were part of the Chicago hip hop indie boom during the mid-90s. The group consisted of 3 MCs and 3 producers, 2 of which later regrouped as The Opus.

Self Scientific - Trials of the Blackhearted (EP)

In Ancient Kemet they believed the heart was the organ that controlled thought, logic and knowledge. The weighing of the heart, against a feather, was used to determine if people were righteous or wicked during their time on earth. If their heart was heavier than the feather, the Heart was devoured. With the world rapidly changing, and evolving beyond recognition, people are becoming even more desensitized to the conditions we exist in. The most heinous acts are applauded as “interesting” and “entertaining” while genuine acts of love, and justice are shunned. We can sensationalize but we are scared of true emotion, we have more information now than ever before but no one wants to read. The truth is scary, it is easier to escape through our favorite vice, than to deal with the harsh reality of the present. Our hearts are heavy, our hearts are dark, these are the Trials Of The Blackhearted.

I'm really excited to have come home from work and see that one of my favorite groups from when I was in high school dropped a new EP. Chace and Kahlil have always been one of the more slept on groups in hip hop....yet you talk to artist about them, and they know and respect their craft.

Download: Trials of the Blackhearted

Kannon and Monk present... Chillin Like A Villain Vol. 7

Another week, Another amazing mix from Kannon and Monk. CLAV8 drops in one week, on May 3rd. So I hope youve been using the past 6 weeks to ready your ears... Because it's gonna be dope. And youre probably going to listen to it every day for the rest of your life. But in the meantime, Check out what is easily one of the top 7 mixes in the CLAV series. Chillin Like A Villain Vol. 7


Monday, April 25, 2011

Miles Jones ft. Shad - Say What

Ive only heard a handful of songs from Miles Jones, but theyve all been dope. And Shad is the dopest rapper you have probably never heard of. Dude's got crazy talent, and puts on a hell of a live show too. Miles' Runaway Jones drops April 26th

DOWNLOAD: Miles Jones ft. Shad - Say What.mp3

Curren$y - #JetsGo

Fresh off the release of Covert Coup with Alchemist, Spitta lets loose of a brand new single. Muscle Car Chronicles coming when it comes.

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y - Jets Go.mp3

UGK ft. Outkast & George Michael - International Whisperer's Anthem

If this picture doesnt already make you laugh, you should watch this video before continuing with this post. Ill wait...

Ok, So now that you are in love with this idea, Here is the "International Players Anthem" from UGK and Outkast, mashed up with George Michael's "Careless Whisper." Brought to you by DJ Skratch Bastid.

UGK, Outkast & George Michael - International Whisperer's Anthem (Skratch Bastid's Sexy Sax Mix) by Skratch Bastid

Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right: Revisited (Short Film)

After seeing the preview a few weeks ago, we finally get the full length 22-minute short film. Features cameo's from everyone. Enjoy.

Neako ft. Juicy J - Flossin'

Neako joins forces with Three 6 Mafia's very own Juicy J, for a dope song off Neako's upcoming mixtape, LOUDpack: Tree. I have this crazy love/hate relationship with Neako's music, but this one is crazy dope. I have a feeling it will be getting plenty of rotation in the upcoming weeks...

DOWNLOAD: Neako ft. Juicy J - Flossin.mp3

Slaughterhouse & Ludacris - Furiously Dangerous

Schmeh @ the album and movie from which this comes. But the song itself is ok. So we cant hate too much. Just pretend it has nothing to do with the Fast & Furious franchise. Also, I could do without this Claret Jai character.

DOWNLOAD: Slaughterhouse ft. Ludacris & Claret Jai - Furiously Dangerous.mp3

Gerald Walker - I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With Her

I wasn't going to post anymore singles from this upcoming EP, because I plan on forcing you all to download it when it drops anyways, but this joint is too dope to just not post. So here goes the new one from Gerald Walker's upcoming EP, produced entirely by Cardo and Sledgren. On Your Side EP, May 6th.

DOWNLOAD: Gerald Walker - I Hope I Dont Fall In Love With Her.mp3

GhostWridah - American Alien (Mixtape)

Miami veteran GhostWridah drops off his new mixtape available via His last tape was dope, so Im going to go out on a limb here and assume this one will be too. Let's find out...

DOWNLOAD: GhostWridah - American Alien

01. The American Dream [prod. Lowkey]
02. Bandwagon (ft. Paul Wall) [prod. Lowkey]
03. For My Ex (ft. Carlyle Anderson) [prod. Slot A]
04. Victory (Interlude) [prod. Lowkey]
05. Victory (ft. The Strangerz) [prod. Lowkey]
06. So Alive (ft. Billy Blue & Jase) [prod. Phoenix]
07. Window Cracked (ft. Freeway) [prod. Rem]
08. Westside Love Affair (ft. Mann & Shonie) [prod. Lowkey]
09. Gettin’ High
10. Hate Me Now [prod. DJ Corbett]
11. When I’m Long Gone [prod. Oktober 1st]

Statik Selektah & Lord Sear - Open Bar Classics Vol. 1 (The 80's)

This one is for the fans of the old school... Statik Selektah & Lord Sear bring you a dope collection of 80's classic r&b and soul music. Vol. 2's 90's Mix is coming soon...

DOWNLOAD: Statik Selektah & Lord Sear - Open Bar Classics Vol. 1

01 Intro
02 Jocelyn Brown: “Somebody Else’s Guy”
03 Fatback: “I Found Lovin”
04 Rene & Angela: “I Love You More”
05 The Whatnauts: “Help Is On The Way”
06 Womack & Womack: “Baby Im Scared Of You”
07 Fonda Ray: “Over Like a Fat Rat”
08 Junior: “Mama Used to Say”
09 Central Line: “Walking Into Sunshine”
10 The Jones Girls: “Nights Over Egypt”
11 Patty Austin & Quincy Jones: “Betcha Wouldnt Hurt Me”
12 Donald Byrd: “Love Has Come Around”
13 Gwen Guthrie: “Seventh Heaven”
14 Stevie Wonder: “Love Light In Flight”
15 Slave: “Watching You”
16 Odyssey: “Inside Out”
17 Sylvia Striplin: “Give Me Your Love”
18 Alicia Myers: “I Want To Thank You”
19 Chaka Khan: “I Know You, I Live You”
20 Unlimited Touch: “Searching To Find The One”
21 Jeanette Lady Day: “Come Let Me Love You”
22 Atlantic Star: “When Love Calls”
23 Shalamar: “Night to Remember”
24 Change: “The Glow Of Love”
25 Michael Jackson: “Rock With You”

Big Hud ft. CyHi Da Prynce & Curren$y - Summertime Ish

Some random guy grabs verses from 2 of my favorite up-and-coming emcees. But seriously, Whats a Big Hud? The Benchmark drops tomorrow.

DOWNLOAD: Big Hud ft. CyHi Da Prynce & Curren$y - Summertime Ish.mp3

Consequence - The Last Supper

A few months ago, when Pusha T first dropped the single "Oh My God," Consequence came out to say that Pusha had jacked a line/swagger/concept/whathaveyou... This is the original song that 'Quence said his swagger had been jacked from. You decide, if you feel its important enough to have a conclusion. Either way, Im not sure how I feel about Cons' current "not so much a part of the team" status around G.O.O.D. Music...

DOWNLOAD: Consequence - Last Supper.mp3

Eminem and Royce finally prepare to drop the album you've waited years for...

Brand new Bad Meets Evil EP. June 14th. Shady/Aftermath/Interscope.

Killa Kyleon - Legalize

Houston representative, Killa Kyleon drops off a new joint for 4/20... Better late than never, eh? Enjoy...

DOWNLOAD: Killa Kyleon - Legalize.mp3

Nickelus F - SMH

First leak from Nickelus F's upcoming Faces mixtape. Kid has got some crazy talent, and I'm still waiting for Drake to join him for some new music since signing to YMCMB. Drake credited Nick as one of his biggest influences during his "hustling" years, and as soon as Wayne picked him up, he seems to have left Nick F behind... I do not approve. Anyways, Dopeness is below. Faces coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: Nickelus F - SMH.mp3

Stalley ft. Rick Ross - Lincoln Way Nights Remix

So, it appears that the rumors of Stalley signing to Maybach Music Group are true. I'm still kinda up in the air about it all, but I'm hoping it will just get Stalley the recognition he deserves. Self Made Vol. 1 drops May 24th. Unfortunately it was compiled when Rozay had only inked Pill, Meek Mill and Wale to the label... But still...

DONWLOAD: Stalley ft. Rick Ross - Lincoln Way Nights Remix.mp3

StartYourOwnRebellion ft. J. Cole - Let It Go

I dont know who these guys are, or where they came from. But this joint has J. Cole on it, and that automatically makes it dope. Listen to the song, download it if you like it. If you REALLY like it, You can download StartYourOwnRebellion's whole mixtape, LP3020, Here.

DOWNLOAD: StartYourOwnRebellion ft. J. Cole - Let It Go

Oddisee - Mental Liberation

Oddisee is too dope for you to not be listening to. This album was originally released in May of 2009, but recently Oddisee found a couple extra bonus tracks from the Mental Liberation sessions. In honor of those new tracks, Oddisee has decided to add them to the album, and release it all for free (for a limited time!) So make sure you head over to his bandcamp page, and grab this album while its still free! And if you dont make it, then pay for it. Cause its dope, and youre not a cheap bastard, right?

DOWNLOAD: Oddisee - Mental Liberation

1st Generation - Killin' Me Softly (Video)

If you grew up on the West Coast, this is going to be exciting news for you. You've gotta at least recognize a couple names in this lineup. 1st Generation is the new West Coast super-group featuring Kurupt, Sir Jinx, Jayo Felony, King T, Tha Chill, Gangsta & MC Eiht. Sharks N The Water coming soon.

Tech N9ne ft. Kendrick Lamar & Oobergeek - I Love Music

Tech N9ne jumps on a track with the illest 2011 freshman, Kendrick Lamar, and some random guy named Oobergeek. All 6's And 7's drops June 7th

DOWNLOAD: Tech N9ne ft. Kendrick Lamar & Oobergeek - I Love Music.mp3

Warren G ft. LaToya Williams - This Is Dedicated To You

Warren G links up with LaToya Williams for his dedication song to Nate Dogg. The song is also up on iTunes, and all proceeds go toward the Nate Dogg Trust Fund that Snoop set up. Good to hear Warren paying tribute to his good friend of many, many years... R.I.P Nate Dogg

DOWNLOAD: Warren G - This Is Dedicated To You.mp3

Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) - Grand(er) Vonye (Mixtape)

1/3 of the Tanya Morgan machine drops off his new mixtape. I havent listened yet, but if I remember correctly, Von Pea is my favorite from Tanya Morgan, so this should be dope. But I might be thinking wrong. There's Von Pea, DonWill...And who's the other guy? Well, clearly he's not my favorite... So I've got a 50/50 shot on this one... But check it out anyways.. I will be...

DOWNLOAD: Von Pea - Grand(er) Vonye

Iye (of Fly.Union) - The Statement (Video)

HEY KIDS, Its been a busy weekend for Mr. Diggs. I was out of town Thursday and Friday, and then super busy with work, and trying to finish up the new Chillin Like A Villain mix on Saturday and Sunday. But finally, I've got some time, and we can now resume your music consumption...

To kick things off, Here's the video for Iye (of Fly.Union)'s new video "The Statement." The Greater Than Club drops tomorrow.

Big K.R.I.T. & Raheem DeVaughn – Players Ballad Live (Video)

No classy hoes pic needed for this. Some live footage of K.R.I.T. bringing out Raheem DeVaughn to preform my second favorite song off of Returnof4EVA.

Classy Hoes..... The Kev Brown in the Lab version

The other day I posted Kev Brown's Classic Joints compilation, and made a sideways comment about him needing to release some more material. Well, at least we know he's still grinding. Here's a vid of him in his Low Budget lab playing a few heaters.

With the culture of hip hop, comes the making of Legends, the creators of a past-time, and the ones some would even consider inspirations. A year ago on April 19th, a Legend of the Hip Hop Culture passed and left some of us with only a portrait in our memory of what used to be. Today, A.V.I.U.S. of Prime Element is releasing yet another single off of his highly anticipated EP, For Better or Worse in memory of the Legend himself Guru, of the group Gang Starr. The songSame Ol’ Line features one Emcee who will one day be a Legend himself, Fashawn (XXL freshman class of 2010) and another in Evidence who with Dilated Peoples have already been considered one of the best Hip Hop groups of all-time. With this single, which was produced by Es Nine, A.V.I.U.S. proves that trends are just that, and the key to success is hard work and a straight and narrow path towards whatever achievements you may garner.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sample Flippage......Frank Ocean & Tyga

Was cleaning up the house today and had the Itunes playing. Tyga's "Reminded" single, off of his latest Black Thoughts 2 project came on.

Did you catch it? Sample came off of Frank Ocean's "We All Try" off of his FUCKING AWESOME Nostalia, Ultra album.

Both two equally dope singles. Off of Two equally dope Projects, that came out this year. Be sure to check them both out.

Kev Brown - Classic Joints 2011

This dude releases more 'not albums' than he does real albums. Which is annoying because he's a real talented mother fucker. YO KEV LETS GET SOME NEW MATERIAL! None of that throwback/cutting room floor shit.

Download: Classic Joints 2011

C Plus - All C.I.T.Y.

Sac town's C Plus drops his All C.I.T.Y. EP. Some heat on this.

Download: All C.I.T.Y.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fabolous - The Soul Tape

Been a really busy week for me. Little behind schedule on some of the post of some really dope projects. This one is one of the main ones that comes to mind that should've been posted. Fab always comes dope. This is no exception. First lets start it off with some visuals of the listening session.

Download: The Soul Tape