Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A.Dd+ - Can’t You See (Prod by Nick Nack)

The Dallas Duo, drop a new single that is featured on the Austin producer/dj Nick Nacks upcoming project, State Machine. This shit goes hard.

“What’s interesting about this song,” notes Slim Gravy, “was that I had written my verse and the hook without even telling Paris the concept, and his verse ended up matching perfectly.” And that concept, according to Paris, is, “the weight of petty issues and people, and how they can shape your perspective on life in a given moment.” The gist of the song, a melancholy track built around Nick Nack’s slowed, guitar-laden beat, is summed up in one succinct bar from Paris’ verse, when he raps, “The success turned me to anti-social socialite.”

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