Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Legit - Coloring Outside The Lines (Mixtape)

I'd never heard of this dude before, but after listening to the song in the above video, I couldnt not share this. And to my surprise, I come to find out that this dude already dropped a tape last December... So here is it.

DOWNLOAD: Legit - Coloring Outside The Lines

01. Intro (ft. Tink)
02. Thirteen
03. Yachtzee
04. Seeing Is Believing (ft. Connoisseur)
05. A Nigger In Northface (ft. Arielle Kresich)
06. Fly Me To The Moon
07. Danny Ocean
08. The Diagnosis
09. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service
10. Let It Out (ft. Tink)
11. Action Figures
12. Black Tie Affair
13. The Memoirs Of Dante Sarth
14. Sky Is Close

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