Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kanye West - Way Too Cold (Theraflu)

Kanye West's IDGAF anthem has just been retitled and shit. Not only did this song put PETA in a crazed rampage about how disrespectful he was, but Theraflu jumped on the bandwagon and wanted nothing to do with this song either. But fuck em both, eh? I had a hamburger for lunch. Either way, I've listened to the song like 4 times and its cool, but I dont think it'll get too many more spins from me. But in general, people seem to be going batshit for it. So here you go. Oh, and I guess technically DJ Khaled is on this song too... but I dont think it counts...

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West - Way Too Cold (Theraflu).mp3

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