Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hype Men Podcast #31 with Sean C

If you dont know about the Hype Men podcast, I can honestly say that its the only podcast I have ever religiously listened to on a regular basis. The Hype Men are: Jensen Karp (aka Hot Karl) and Eric and Jeff Rosenthal (aka the Brothers Rosenthal of For the last 30 weeks (approximately) they have released a new blog each wednesday featuring a different figure in hip hop and/or comedy. They've featured the likes of Iron Solomon, Just Blaze, Freddie Gibbs, Paul Scheer and most recently super producer Sean C. Each week, they talk about hip hop music, the industry and pop culture as a whole. Some weeks you get an exclusive look behind the scenes of some of the biggest names in the music industry, while other weeks you get a hilarious commentary of the current state of music from a consumers point of view. All in all, its an incredibly entertaining series. Now that Im done with my sell, I'll let them break down this weeks episode for you...

EPISODE 31: Producer Sean C joins the Hype Men to discuss The X-Ecutioners + creating Can’t Knock The Hustle + Loud Records debating whether to sign Jae Hood or 50 Cent + what Diddy does as a producer + growing up with Fat Man Scoop + signing to Teddy Riley + seeing Ice Cube at the Apollo + the value of the co-sign + Fat Joe’s career + much, much more!

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