Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Classy Hoes... And Mateo, Goapele and Ab-Liva

Click the image for the full size... And now...
Mateo ft. Goapele & Ab-Liva - Dont Shoot Me Down


If you havent heard of Mateo, he's one of the illest new voices in R&B. Seriously, I'll wait right here while you get familiar. Go to google, type in "Mateo Underneath The Sky" and download all three chapters... Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled programming... Throw in Goapele, one of the illest lady voices in ever, and this shit is too smooth to not share. Ab-Liva is cool too. But he kinda gets forgotten about after his verse haha. Not in a bad way, but its true. Just like no one remembers that Jay-Z had a verse on Umbrella... But I digress... Mateo's new tape, "Love And Stadiums" is coming soon... And I cant wait...

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