Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gerald Walker - The Other Half Of Letting Go (Mixtape)

After a handful of leaks, Gerald Walker hits us with his new project, The Other Half Of Letting Go. I've been waiting patiently for this one... (See what I did there?)

DOWNLOAD: Gerald Walker - The Other Half Of Letting Go

01. Entrance [prod. Hans Zimmer]
02. It’s All Real [prod. Cardo]
03. It’s Not a Coincidence (ft. Bryant Stewart) [prod. The Rothschilds]
04. Please, Shut the F*ck Up! [prod. Bravestarr]
05. Shackles [prod. J. LBS]
06. The Missing Piece… [prod. Chemist]
07. The Things We Think and Do Not Say… [prod. B.Keith & Izzy The Kidd]
08. Recluse [prod. RMB Justize]
09. What’s So Different [prod. Timbaland]
10. Ran That Scam [prod. Bravestarr]
11. Living Well Is the Best Form of Revenge…[prod. Kuddie Fresh]
12. Take This to Your Heart (ft. Jack Freeman) [prod. Kuddie Fresh]
13. What Made Milwaukee Famous… [prod. Sledgren]

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