Monday, September 19, 2011

Voli - In The Meanwhile (The Showcase) (Mixtape)

This is J. Cole's buddy, right? I thought so. New project compiled of the random songs he's had a hand in over the past year or so. He's got another project of all brand new material coming soon, entitled, The Waill.

DOWNLOAD: Voli - In The Meanwhile (The Showcase)

01. Intro (A Life Worth Living)
02. Stress [prod. Voli]
03. Pity (ft. J. Cole & Omen) [prod. Voli]
04. Fade Away [prod. Voli]
05. Here [prod. Voli]
06. New Religion (ft. SYOR) [prod. Voli]
07. Autumn Air [prod. Voli]
08. Look Up [prod. Voli/Omen]
09. The Righteous Remain [prod. SMKA]
10. Anytime He Goes Away [prod. Voli]
11. Darkside (ft. D1) [prod. D1]
12. Prisoner [prod. Voli]
13. Sin City [prod. Voli]
14. The Interview
15. Outro (Resumé) [prod. Voli/Gavidia]
16. Storm [prod. Voli]
17. Redemption [prod. Voli]
18. Midnight [prod. J. Cole]
19. For the Fam [prod. Voli]

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