Thursday, September 15, 2011

Woody - Chrysalis (Album)

Woody has seriously produced some of the most creative hip hop beats ive heard in a long time. He's flipped samples in ways that would impress anyone. But that seems to be his older work. Not to take anything away from what he's doing now, but when he's on the mic, his music tends to go a little more pop. But such is evolution. Its still cool music, so here for your enjoyment is his new album, Chrysalis.

DOWNLOAD: Woody - Chrysalis

01. Imagine (ft. Yung Nate)
02. Deja Vu
03. Patient
04. Royalty
05. More Than You Know
06. To Monarchy
07. Everything Or Nothing
08. I Can Do Better (ft. Satasha M.)
09. Take Me Away
10. Photos (ft. Tiffany Leigh)

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