Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ryshon Jones - Friday (EP)

From the man who brought you The Weeknd sampled "Zoe Desire(e)," comes a brand new mixtape entitled, yadirF, or I guess, Friday. I'm assuming the title is derived from The Weeknd's Thusday mixtape, as this one features a Weeknd sample on every song. Im gonna check this out now. Join me.

DOWNLOAD: Ryshon Jones - Friday

01. Missed Call (Skit)
02. käntre'dikt(e)rē
03. Best Friend (Skit)
04. Late Night With My Best Friend
05. Best Friend 2 (Skit)
06. Desperado
07. Best Friend 3 (Skit)
08. Dead Living In My Head
09. Zoe Desire(e)
10. Loner (by Amanda Love)

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